You must have "Tourney Admin" access to use Autoscheduler.

The Autoschedule feature helps you quickly schedule your tournament games while helping you avoid schedule conflicts. 

  1. Sign in to the Tourney Tool and click on your Tournament.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab. 
  3. Click Setup next to the option that says Create Time Slots to schedule games into. 
    • NOTE: You will need to add divisions, add teams, add stages, and add venues before you can create time slots. 
  4. Under Create Time Slots, enter the Duration of the game (minutes) and time Gap between each game (minutes). 
  5. Enter the Start Time of the first game on each day, and the End Time of the last game for each day. 
  6. Choose the Venues and the Days to create these time slots under. 
  7. Click Create Time Slots.

Next Step

  • Select Stages Using Tourney Autoscheduler