How do I add players to my Roster in Sport Management? (Mass Roster- Recommended)

You can add players from an online registration to team pages to build out the rosters for the teams on the SportsEngine Site. You can either choose players from existing Team Rosters or from Unattached Rosters. Team Rosters are linked to an existing team page located on your site. Unattached Rosters can be used if a team page is not set up before you want to create the roster.

Pro Tip: By checking the Require Registration box under the Configurations section of the Sport Management tab in the Admin Control Panel, you can only allow players who have registered to be rostered.

  • Registration must be enabled on your site for your organization in order to Roster Players.
  • Admin permissions to at least a single registration session is required to access the Rostering tool. You will only be able to create rosters from registration sessions you have permissions to.
  • Players that are successfully attached to an NGIN account, will automatically be placed in a Team Roster Group.  This group is accessible to users with Page Owner permissions for the Team Page by going to the Groups Tab when in Edit Mode on your team page.  This will allow the Coach/Manager to send a mass email to the entire roster group to notify the team of any important updates such as canceled practice, game time changes, etc.
‚ÄčImportant: Create Teams before you Roster Players

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Admin Control Panel
Step 3: Select Sports Management
Step 4: Select Players
Step 5: Select Roster
Step 6: Select Registration Session that the Roster will be pulled from
Step 7: Select Team Name

Step 8: Filter out certain age levels from questions within the registration sessions, to only view those particular players. Making the list of players smaller will make it easier to pull this group of registrants on to a team.

Step 8: Choose to create an Unattached Roster or a Team Roster by selecting either Unattached Rosters or Team Rosters. (If you add an unattached roster, simply click on the button and label the roster or if you select Team Rosters simply select the name of the team page from the list that populates.)


You are now ready to start building your roster. 

  • Names that appear on the left list are names from the Registration. 
  • Only names that with a “green + arrow” icon (A) can be added to the roster on the right. Once a name is selected you will see it appear on the roster list on the right. 
  • Players that are already assigned to a roster will not have the arrow in green and the roster name will appear in the “assigned” column (B).
  • To remove any name on a roster list simply select the “red - arrow” icon (C) to make it available again on the registration list on the left.
  • Those names were added to the roster manually from the “Add Unregistered Player” shown bottom right (D). 


  • Rosters created using the Rostering Tool will now be dynamically available for any Team Roster created. Also you will be able to import any Unattached Roster from the roster portion of a team page using the new Import Player(s) from Unattached Roster option of the Add Player feature of the Roster.
  • When using the registration tool you will now see a field labeled "Assigned to" which you can select, sort and filter by. 


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