Score with SportsEngine Live

SportsEngine Live syncs to your game pages to provide the ability to track and publish statistics in real-time. Games that are scored using this application will populate live play-by-play details and stats so fans can watch events from multiple games as they occur.

The live scoring app is currently available for the sports of Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse.

You can still use the traditional "Quick Score" or "Edit Stats" scoring/stat entry methods. Score Live is simply a new and more dynamic way to score a game. ‚ÄčOnce you commit to scoring a game with 1 of the 3 methods you need to use that option for any future edits to that game. You are not able to use different scoring methods for a single game.

Best Practices

  • Only one team can score a game with SportsEngine Live. Work with opposing team to accurately record plays for both teams. *For league sites only.
  • Home teams are given priority to score a game with SportsEngine Live. If the home team isn't live-scoring the game, the visiting team may use SportsEngine Live. *For league sites only.
  • For the most accurate live-scoring, it is best to have one person using SportsEngine Live.
  • Start with the Basic Scoring method using only the required fields on each play until you're more familiar with the application.
  • Watch your connection status within SportsEngine Live – in the upper right corner of each play action – to make sure your plays are being recorded properly.  Status will update from 'Unsaved' to 'Saved' once the data has been successfully submitted and sent.  If you notice your play actions remain on 'Unsaved', you will need to check your internet connection.
Live Scoring Options - Basic vs. Advanced: We strongly recommend a minimum of 2 people working together to live score a game.  There are two methods for scoring a game:

Basic - Enter the required fields as denoted by a gray background. *Basic Stats are attributed at the team level.
Advanced - Enter required fields as denoted by a gray background AND optional fields as denoted by a black background. *Advanced Stats include optional additional play and player details.

Step 1: Log In> Select Edit Mode> Navigate to the Team Page
Step 2: Select Game Schedule> Select the Date of the Game
Step 3: Select Score Live

Step 4: Ensure all game details are correct and click Save Game Details
Step 5: Select the Teams/Rosters tab.
Step 6: Select the active players for the game (you will only be able to attribute stats to players that were selected or added from this section) - Manually select players using the check box or use the Select All link.
(Note: for solo team sites the opposing team roster will show positions only. Select the positions you want to appear as options within the app)You can manually add single players at this point via the +Add Player button
Roster list will reflect the roster on the teams specific page (on solo sites opposing teams do not have pages so only position names will appear)
Step 7: Select the Score Game button to continue.

From this point depending on the Sport you will start to enter various statistical information. Once you either enter in basic or advance stats you will then Finalize the game.


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