How do I add players/coaches to my Roster from a Team Page?

This feature gives you the ability to add players or coaches to a team roster directly from a team page. With this you can create new players, pull players from the member directory, registration, or import players, but can only add rosters to ONE TEAM at a time.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

To add players to more than one team at a time click below (Must Use SportsEngine Registration):
How do I add players to my Roster? (Mass Roster- Recommended)

Note: Players that are successfully attached to an NGIN account, will automatically be placed in a Team Roster Group.  This group is accessible to users with Page Owner permissions for the Team Page by going to the Groups Tab when in Edit Mode on your team page.  This will allow the Coach/Manager to send a mass email to the entire roster group to notify the team of any important updates such as canceled practice, game time changes, etc.

To add players from a Team Page:
Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select Edit Mode
Step 3: Navigate to Team Page
Step 4: Select Roster
Step 5: If adding a Player select Player, if adding a Coach select Coach

Select one of these options to Place Players on Team Rosters

  1. Create New Player
  2. Add Player from Network Member Directory
  3. Import Player(s) from Registration
  4. Import Players from Excel
  5. Import Players from Unattached Roster

Create New Player
Step 6: Select Create New Player

Step 7: Add Create New Player Settings

  • Player Email Address: By adding an email address, the player will be attached to the Ngin User Account associated with this email address.  If the Player/Parent has not yet created an Ngin account, an email invitation will be sent to claim the player profile.Once the player is successfully attached to an Ngin account, they will then show up in the 'Roster Group' located on the Groups tab of your team page.  This will allow the Coach/Manager (user will need Page Owner permissions for their team page) to send a mass email to the entire roster group to notify the team of any important updates.
  • Player Profile First Name
  • Player Profile Last Name
  • Jersey Number
  • Position(s): F (Forward),  D (Defense), G (Goalie)

Step 8: Save Player

Add Player from Network Member Directory

Step 6: Select Add Player from Network Member Directory

Step 7: Search or Select Players Name

Step 8: Choose to add Jersey Number and Position

Step 9: Save Player

Import Player(s) from Registration

Step 6: Select Import Player(s) from Registration

Step 7: Select Registration Session
Step 8: Add Filter and Sort by a Question

Step 9: Select Filter
Step 10: Select which Players you want to add to this Team
Step 11: Adjust Names, add Jersey Number, and Positions

Step 12: Add Players to Roster

Import Players from Excel

Step 6: Import Player(s) from Excel

Step 7: Select Download Roster Template
Note: Only fields selected in your Roster Settings located in the admin tools section of your team or league level will appear as template options. To adjust Fields select Roster Settings.

Step 8: Attach Spreadsheet
Step 9: Add Players to Roster

  • File must be in .xls format
  • When using the import template, the header column is required in order to perform a successful import. Only the fields you select in team or league Roster Settings will appear on the actual template.

Valid Position values based upon each Sport:
Must use the abbreviated value shown in bold under each Sport.

Ice Hockey

  • F - Forward
  • D - Defense
  • G - Goalie
  • A - Attack
  • M - Midfield
  • D - Defense
  • LSM - Long Stick Midfield
  • G - Goalie
  • C - Catcher
  • P - Pitcher
  • 1B - 1st Base
  • 2B - 2nd Base
  • 3B - 3rd Base
  • SS - Shortstop
  • LF - Left Field
  • CF - Center Field
  • RF - Right Field
  • INF - Infield
  • OF - Outfield
  • DH - Designated Hitter
  • LCF - Left Center Field
  • RCF - Right Center Field
  • F - Forward
  • M - Mid Fielder
  • D - Defense
  • GK - Goal Keeper
  • F - Forward
  • G - Guard
  • C - Center
Track and Field
  • Distance - Distance

  • QB - Quarterback
  • HB - Halfback
  • FB - Fullback
  • WR - Wide Receiver
  • TE - Tight End
  • OT - Offensive Tackle
  • OG - Offensive Guard
  • C - Center
  • DE - Defensive End
  • DT - Defensive Tackle
  • NT - Nose Tackle
  • LB - Linebacker
  • CB - Cornerback
  • SS - Strong Safety
  • G - Gunner
  • H - Holder
  • KR - Kick Returner
  • LS - Long Snapper
  • PK - Placekicker
  • P - Punter
  • PR - Punt Returner
  • O - Offense
  • ST - Special Teams
  • D - Defense
  • MLB - Middle Linebacker
  • OLB - Outside Linebacker
  • ILB - Inside Linebacker
  • FS - Free Safety
  • DB - Defensive Back
  • S - Setter
  • L - Libero
  • MB - Middle Blocker
  • OH - Outside Hitter
  • OPP - Opposite Hitter
  • DS - Defensive Specialist

  • Folkstyle - Folkstyle
  • Freestyle - Freestyle
  • Greco-Roma - Greco-Roman

Box Lacrosse
  • D - Defense
  • T - Transition
  • A - Attack/Offense
  • G - Goalie

  • Prop - Prop
  • Hooker - Hooker
  • Lock - Lock
  • Flanker - Flanker
  • Number 8 - Number 8
  • Scrumhalf - Scrumhalf
  • Flyhalf - Flyhalf
  • Center - Center
  • Wing - Wing
  • Full Back - Full Back


Import Players from Unattached Roster
  1. Select Import Players from Unattached Roster
  2. Select the registration to use. 
  3. Select the Unattached Roster which contains the players that you want to import. 
  4. Select the players and click Import.

How do I edit or delete a player from the roster?
How do I create a Roster Widget?
How do I add players to my Roster? (Mass Roster- Recommended) 

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