Dibs Volunteer Session

A Dibs Session is a collection of available volunteer shifts, or items, for a season, team, event, or any other organizational purpose. You must create a Dibs session before you can add individual volunteer items for your members to claim.

Create a Dibs Session

Step 1: Log in and turn on Edit Mode
Step 2: Navigate to the Dibs page of your website
Step 3: Select Create a New Dib Session from the Active Sessions tab
Step 4: Add a session name and adjust its settings
Step 5: Click Create Dib Session

Dibs Session Settings

Status: Set the status to Enabled to allow your members to view volunteer items on your website
Login Optional: Require volunteers to be logged into a SportsEngine account to claim an item
Open Joining: When login is required, you may choose to assign volunteer items to members rather than allow free claiming of items
Email Reminder: Check to send users a reminder email one day before they volunteer
Alert Admin Email: Email addresses entered here will be notified when a Dib item is complete or cancelled. Separate emails by a comma (e.g.,

Volunteer Credits

Volunteer credits allow you to track the volunteer contribution of individual members by assigning credit amounts to volunteer items. This is especially useful if you require members to volunteer for a certain number of items or shifts throughout the season.

Creating Multiple Dibs sessions

Because credits are tracked by session, you will need to create multiple sessions if you have multiple volunteer credit requirements. Individual Dibs items can be assigned to multiple sessions.

Archive or Delete a Dibs Session

Step 1: Log in and turn on Edit Mode
Step 2: Navigate to the Dibs page of your website
Step 3: Select the Dib Session you would like to archive or delete from the Active Sessions tab
Step 4: Click the gear icon and select Edit (to archive) or Delete
Step 5: 
Select Archive from the Status setting dropdown and click Save Dib Session

Important! A session cannot be deleted until all of the items within it are deleted

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