Survey Report Element

This allows you to display select data from any of your online registration sessions on any page of your website. Utilize powerful reporting selectors and filters to define the specific data you would like to display, then arrange column and sorting order within a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Pro Tips: 

  • As individuals register online, data within the Page Element updates dynamically.  You can also leverage page permission settings to control which members can access the data.
  • If you set the status to private on a page, you can attach a group to that page and add a Membership Report to be viewable by that group.
  • *Only users with permissions to the Registration Session can add a SURVEY REPORT page element.

Step 1: Log in> Edit Mode> Add Page Element
Step 2: Select the Survey Report Page Element.
Step 3: Select the Registration Session name you would like to display a report for
Step 4: Set Survey Report Settings

  • Enter the Report Name.
  • Pagination Count (15, 25, 50, or 100): which represents the amount of members displayed per page.
  • Fields: choose the fields that will appear in the report.
  • Filters: only view the conditions that are assigned. You can also select a checkbox at the right to Scope to Current User, which will have the Report only show data linked to the user viewing it. 
  • User Filters: This will filter which types of users can see the report. 
  • CSV Fields: Choose which fields you wish to make available in a downloadable CSV spreadsheet. 
  • Detail View Fields: Choose which fields you would like users to be able to select to view more detail on.
  • Sort: Choose the order in which the fields will be displayed. 
‚ÄčStep 5: When you are finished making your selections, select Create this Page Element.


  • An Admin can copy, move, edit, or re-order columns.
  • *Toggle to User Mode to view the report data - Report Data displayed using the Survey Report page element is READ ONLY.
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