Dibs Volunteer Items

A Dib Item is a specific volunteer shift that is available for members to claim. For example, a Dib item could be a 2-hour volunteer shift at the concession stand or a shift coaching this Thursday's practice. 

Once a Dib item is created, it is listed on your website where members can claim it. After a member claims the Dib item and completes the volunteer shift, you can mark the shift as completed which will grant the member any credit tied to the item.

Important! You must create a Dib Session before you can create Dib Items

Add a Dib Item

Step 1: Log in and turn on Edit Mode
Step 2: Navigate to the Dibs page of your website
Step 3: Select the Dib Session for which you would like to create volunteer items

Step 4: Either Create a New Dib Item or Import Multiple Dib Items

Create a New Dib Item

Step 1: Click Create New Dib Item
Step 2: Add an Item name, set the category, and adjust Item Settings
Step 3: Click Create Dib Item

Dib Item Settings

Category: The type of volunteer job. Items are searchable by category How do I use categories?
Credit Value: How many credits will this volunteer shift be worth
Location: Where will this Volunteer shift take place?
Location URL: Link to a Google Map of the volunteer location
Date: When is the volunteer shift?
Cancellation Prohibited: Prevent volunteers from cancelling within this many days before the shift
Required Fulfiller Phone: Require a contact phone number when a volunteer claims the shift
Required Fulfiller Email: Require a contact email address when a volunteer claims the shift
Belongs To: Select which Session(s) this Dib Item is available in. A Dib Item can belong to multiple Sessions.


Although all added Dibs items will appear on the Dibs page of your website, you can add Tags to limit what pages the item appears on when using the Dibs Aggregator Page Element.

Volunteer Credits

Volunteer credits allow you to track the volunteer contribution of individual members by assigning credit amounts to volunteer items. Credits are especially useful to use if you require members to volunteer for a certain number of items or shifts throughout the season.

Import Dib Items from a Spreadsheet

If you have a lot of volunteer shifts that you would like to add as items to Dibs, it may be easier to import them. To do this, just download the import template at the bottom of this article, add the volunteer shifts into the sheet, and then import it into Dibs.

Important! Add Categories in the Dibs Tool before including them in an imported spreadsheet

Step 1: Download the import template from the Attachments section at the bottom of this page.
Step 2: 
Replace the example entries with your dib item information and save the file.

The following fields are included in the import template ():

  • *Name
  • Description
  • *Location
  • Location URL-- link to google map of location
  • *Start Date-- format must be "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM" (24 hour format). Ex. 04/24/2017 15:30:00
  • *End Date-- same format as start date
  • *Credit Value-- enter 0 if the item has no credit value
  • *Cancel Window-- Prevent volunteers from cancelling within this many days before the shift
  • *All Day Event-- enter 0 if the item has a start and end time
  • Category-- categories must be added within the Dibs tool before they can be included in an import
  • Fulfiller Phone Required-- Enter 1 to require volunteer to submit a phone number when claiming the item
  • Fulfiller Email Required-- Enter 1 to require volunteer to submit a email address when claiming the item

*asterisk indicates required field

Step 3: Login to your account and turn on Edit Mode
Step 4: Navigate to the Dibs page of your website
Step 5: Click Import New Dib Items
Step 6: Click Choose File and select the saved spreadsheet
Step 7: Select the Dib sessions these items should be included in
Step 8: Click Import Dibs

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