Event Aggregator Page Element and Adding Events

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017 09:54AM CDT

An Event Aggregator Page Element allows you to show a selection of events pertaining to a particular portion of your web site (i.e. a team, association, league, etc.). When an event is created the aggregator will pull in events based on how the event was tagged.

Step 1: Log in> Select Edit Mode> Add Page Element
Step 2: Add Event Aggregator Page Element
Step 3: Set News Aggregator Settings

  • Tags: Select the Show Tag Menu and select the tags you wish to show events for.
  • Title
  • Display Format: Five Day View (Common on Team Pages), Upcoming Events List (Common on Home Page), Previous Events List, Filtered List, User Filter
  • Location Filter: Restrict the Events shown to a City or State. This functionality may be particularly useful if you’d like your Event Aggregator to only display upcoming home games, for instance.
  • SportsEngine Mirroring
  • Lock in Place: Prevent this element from being repositioned.
    Disable Editing: Prevent non-webmasters from editing this element.

Step 4: Create Page Element

Add an Event: 

Step 1: Locate the page with the Event Aggregator Page Element> Select Add Events.
Step 2: Click Show Tag Menu and select each page to which the event relates.
Step 3: Configure the settings for the event.

  • Event Name
  • When the event occurs (date and time of event)
  • Optional:  Repeats - default is 'Does not repeat' (choices include: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Optional:  Location (example, Target Field)
  • Check the box if you would like to Include a Link to your location
  • Optional:  Description
  • Optional:  Check Box to Enable Page Elements on the Event Page (when a user clicks on the event from the calendar it will bring them to a full view of the Event details.
  • Enabling Page Elements allows you to add additional content to this Event using Page Elements and Layout Containers.  (example, you can upload a photo using the Single Photo Page Element or a document using the Document page element)

Step 4: Click Create This Event.

The event is displayed the main calendar and if you go to appropriate team/level pages, you will see the event displayed on their aggregators.

Note: It does not matter where you create an event, it will show up everywhere that is set to display that tag. (If you create an event for the Club Events in one aggregator, it may show up on another aggregator that has been set to display club events). 

The tagging system is for your parents/players/friends, etc. They will be able to create their own News Reel and Calendar (top navigation buttons) using the Tag Menu. A parent can create a “custom calendar” by selecting the tags that fit their family (They have a daughter that plays for 17-1 and one that plays for 18-2. They can create a custom calendar or news reel to only display the items that apply to them).

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