News Slideshow Element

Last Updated: May 02, 2017 02:37PM CDT
The News Slideshow page element highlights the latest news articles by displaying them in a slideshow with each slide showing an image and a caption.

Important! Only news articles with images will be displayed in a News Slideshow

Add a News Slideshow

Step 1: Log in to SportsEngine
Step 2: Select Edit Mode
Step 3: Click Add Page Element
Step 4: Select News Slideshow page element
Step 5: Click Show Tag Menu
Step 6:
 Click Select All Tags or select specific tags relevant to the page 
Step 7: Adjust the settings
Step 8: Click Create This Page Element

Pro Tip: Use tags to only display articles relevant to a section of your site

News Slideshow Settings

Tags: Select Show Tag Menu and check the box next to the tags you wish to show news for
Number of Articles to Feature: Determines how many articles will be displayed at a time
Autoplay: If checked, the slideshow will automatically start playing when someone sees it
Display Length: How long each slide will display before it shows the next slide
Transition Type: Determines animation between slides (Cross Fade, Drop, Photo Flash, Push, or None).
Show Original Image: Loads original image. Can slow down your site loading. (Not recommended!)
Aspect Ratio: Ratio of the width to height of the slide image. Determines the shape and size of the image. Original 5:3 (recommended) , Square 1:1 , Standard 4:3, Widescreen 16:9, Panorama 2:1, Panorama 3:1, Panorama 4:1, Golden 8:5.
SportsEngine Mirroring: Enables the page element to be mirrored. What is Mirroring?
Lock in Place: Prevent this element from being repositioned.
Disable Editing: Prevent non-webmasters from editing this element.

How do I add a News Article to my website?

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