How do I create/edit/filter the report data from a Registration?

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2016 01:10PM CST

A registration report displays the answers for all information asked in a particular registration session. There are a couple types of registration reports you can view: Quick Reports and Saved Reports. 

  • Quick Report: A snapshot of information to quickly look up and use. You can run a quick report, then save it.
  • Saved Report: A report that you can save, so the information within the report will dynamically load as registrants register.

Note: Make sure you have permission to view your organization's registration information.

Create Registration Quick Reports

  1. Login to your website and open the Admin Control Panel. 
  2. Select the Registration tab. 
  3. Select the Registration Session Name link in the list of registrations. 
  4. Select the Quick Reports tab.
  5. Expand the Fields section and in each section select which fields to include in the report. This report feature allows you to quickly choose general fields that you wish to display as report column headers. After you select your Fields, you can then choose to Set Filters if you need to add specific conditions.
  6. Expand the Filters section and set any filtering you want to add by selecting Add a Rule and build out your filter rule. This feature allows you to add rules to display results that match the specific conditions you set.  For example, if you would like to create a report that displays the first and last name of all male registration entries, you would choose the First and Last Name fields from the FIELDS section and then in Set Filters, add a rule to return results where Gender is Male. You can also set multiple 'OR' based conditions such as:  Level of Play/Grade/Age Group.
  7. Expand the Sort section and apply any sorting rules to the report.
  8. Select Update Quick Report to run the report.

Open Registration Saved Reports

  1. Login to your website and Saved the Admin Control Panel. 
  2. Select the Registration tab. 
  3. Select the Registration Session Name link in the list of registrations. 
  4. Select the Saved Reports tab. You will see the list of available Saved Reports including how many records are in each report in the Saved Reports list.
  5. Open the selected report or use on the Quick Actions: Mark as Default Quick Report or Delete Report

Note:  Each column header within a report is sortable.  Simply click on the column header name to sort that specific field. 

How do I create a report, filter, and sort data from the Member Directory?
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