Standing Rules in Tourney

Setting the Standing Rules will rank the team's standings based on the points that are assigned.

Standings Rules are broken into two categories:

  • Ranking Criteria specify the primary criteria by which teams are ranked as well as point values for wins, losses and ties.
  • Tiebreakers specify the rules used to break ties in those standings. Once a tie is resolved by a tiebreaker, all remaining tiebreakers are ignored.

Note: Ranking criteria, point value fields, and tiebreakers are sport-­specific (i.e. fair play points are for ice hockey only).

Step 1: Log into the Tourney Tool> Select your tournament> Select Settings, click the Standings Rules tab.
Step 2: Complete the following settings: 
  • Ranking Criteria: This is the primary method by which teams are ranked in overall standings and pool standings.
  • Tiebreaker Order: Tiebreakers act as secondary methods with which to rank teams in standings tables. Multiple tiebreakers can be applied, each of which use the same options as ranking criteria as well as one additional option:
    • Compare Games Across All Competitors (Suggested): Will compare standings data across all teams in that table.
    • Compare Games Between Tied Competitors Only: Will recalculate standings between the teams that are tied and rerank those teams based on the selected tiebreaker.
      • For example, say you have four teams: A, B, C, D. A and B are tied for #1, C is #3, and D is #4.
    • Compare games across all competitors: would use game results from all games between A, B, C, D. The tiebreakers that “compare games between tied competitors only” would compare games between A and B only.  
  • Max Differential Per Game: The maximum differential between goals/points/runs/etc. (depending on the sport) allowed per game. For example, if a team loses 15-2, a max differential of 10 will reduce that game's differential from 13 to 10.
Step 3: Click Save Changes

Note: If you have already scored games and now need new Standing Rules to apply, you need to unschedule the game, save the game, then switch the status to complete and save once again.

Standings Display Option: Set to Automatic or Custom. This will effect what will show up on the public side. If you change this after you create the divisions you will need to edit the standing display for each division to make this visible.
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