How do I add/edit Tabular Stats?

Purpose: To quickly add in the scoring, scoring plays, team statistics, and player statistics.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

Note: It's only needed to enter in the stats that you as an organization would like to enter.

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Switch to Edit Mode
Step 3: Navigate to the Team Page
Step 4: Select Game Schedule
Step 5: Select the Date of the Game

Step 6: Select Edit Stats

Step 7: Enter Score, Scoring Plays, Team Statistics, and Player Statistics.

Step 8: Scroll to the Bottom and Select Save

Step 9: If the Game is Complete, change the Status to Final.

To Add a Shootout:

Step 1: Go to the appropriate league page and select "Admin" ("A" below) to access "Tool Settings" ("B" below). 
Step 2: Select "Enable Shootout" from list and enter the # of Overtime Periods needed before Shootout should occur ("C" below)

Step 3: Once a game is finalized using SportsEngine Live please select the Edit Stats button located on the game page when in Edit Mode.

Step 4: Select Add Shootout to add shootout period and enter score. Then select Add Shootout Play to attribute the details for each shot.

Step 5: Scroll further down to change goalie stats from "T" to "W" or "L" and change shots-on-goal "SOG" stats as needed. Select Save Stats to save and exit.

NOTE: If only using the "Edit Stats" option to score a game, you will have to add the appropriate overtime periods based on your stat preferences in order for the "Add Shootout" option to appear as shown in the step above.  Otherwise once your overtime periods are entered and your game is finalized via SportsEngine Live the "Add Shootout" option will appear immediately. 


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