Add a Registration Link to my Website

Process 1: Adding a Registration Link Page Element to a SportsEngine website

1. Log-in
2. Navigate to the page you would like to Registration Link placed on
3. Go to Edit Mode
4. Add Registration Link as a page element

5. Select the Registration you would like to post

Additional Options:
  • Show completed registration entries with link to entry: this will publish everyone that has registration on a registration session to the front site of your website. (You can accomplish with with a Survey Report)
  • SportsEngine Mirroring: Mirrors of this Page Element that are placed on other pages will reflect all updates that are made to this element. If this content is ever disabled or deleted, all mirrors reflecting this content will also be disabled or deleted.
  • Lock in Place:  Prevent this element from being repositioned.
  • Disable Editing:  Prevent non-webmasters from editing this element.
Process 2: Adding a HTTPS link to anywhere on the Internet

1. Log-in
2. Click on Admin Control Panel
3. Click on the Registration Tab
4. Click on the Registration Name
5. Click on Get Registration Link

6. Copy the Registration Link

7. Navigate to the page you would like to Registration Link placed on (this can be on a Non- SportsEngine website)
8. Add the Link Page Element

9. Change the URL to https:// (secure link)
10. Create Element

  1. In order for a Registration Session to work the registration session must be enabled.
  2. If you set an Open Date in the registration settings you can add a registration link to your site at any time, but no one will be able to register until the open date takes place.
  3. If you set a Close Date the registration will automatically close on the date set.
  4. You can also embed Registration Links in to the Text and Single Photo Page elements.
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