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It's always best practice to have a person or parent to register for themselves. This takes all of the work off of an admin and ensures the registrant will be communicated to properly. If a person just isn't able to register for themselves follow the steps below to register someone 'A Person Unconnected to My Account'.

Step 1: Locate Registration URL
Step 2: Once on the Welcome Page of the Registration make sure you're in User Mode.
Step 3: On the "Who are you Registering Page", select 'A Person Unconnected to My Account' (Admin Only)
Step 4: Answer all of the questions for the Registrant, but pay special attention to the Email Questions. On the Email Question(s), you will have an option to invite the person to claim this registration. To do this select, 'invite'.
  • Invite:  This is the email address of the person you are registering.  Invite this person to claim this account.
    • This will automatically send an email invitation to the email address entered and invite them to claim the registration entry.  If the user already has a SportsEngine account, they will need to click on the link in the email and log into their account. If the user does not have a SportsEngine account, when they click on the link in the invitation email, they will be able to create an account.  One the user successfully creates and activates their account, the registration entry/order will then successfully link to their account.
  • Ignore:  Don't do anything with this email address.
    • If you choose this option, the system will not do anything.  The registration entry will remain an Orphan and not be associated with a valid SportsEngine account.

  • Regardless of if your registration accepts Offline Payments you will always see the option to Pay Offline.
  • If you want to send an invoice for payment owed, use PowerPay to invoice the registrant.
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