How Do I Manage Games in the Tournament Calendar View?

Purpose: Now that the Format has been set and the Time Slots have been created you can drag and drop games to Time Slots to Schedule Games.

Scheduling Games

To schedule games — assign a date, time, and location — drag them from the list (left) to the calendar (right):

  1. Make sure you are viewing the correct day.
  2. Locate the game you want to schedule in the game list. (You can filter this list, if needed.)
  3. Drag the game from the list to the specific location and time you wish to assign it to on the calendar. (To avoid bothersome scrolling, ensure the location and time you wish to assign a game to is already visible on the calendar.)

Selecting Games

Single Games

  1. Click the game you wish to select.
  2. The selected game will be a solid color with white lettering.

A Range of Multiple Games

  1. Select one game by clicking on it. 
  2. Hold down the SHIFT key while selecting a second game.
  3. All games located between those selected will be automatically selected.

Multiple Individual Games

  1. Hold down the COMMAND key (Mac) or CONTROL key (PC) while selecting games.
  2. Games located between those selected will remain unselected.

Moving Games

  1. Select the game(s) you wish to move. (If games at multiple locations are selected, movement is only allowed within their current locations and not to new locations.)
  2. Drag it to the new time and/or location, then release it. (To snap games to time slots, ensure the "snap games to time slots" option is checked.)

Swapping Games

  1. Select two games that you wish to swap on the calendar.
  2. With the two games selected, click the swap button to the top right of the calendar. (Look for an icon with crisscrossing arrows.)
  3. The games will replace each other.

Creating New Games

  1. Click the create (+) button on the top right of the calendar.
  2. Enter the details for the game (division stage is required, and games may only be added to pool play stages).
  3. Click Create Game.

Editing Games

  1. Hover over the game on the calendar.
  2. Click Edit Game.
  3. Edit the game details.
  4. Save your changes.

Removing Games

  1. Hover over the game on the calendar. A dialog will appear.
  2. Click Remove Game.
  3. The game will be removed from the calendar view.

Next Step: Check Conflict (Optional) or Score Games
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