Technical Support

  • Release Notes

    Jan 19, 2017 09:50AM CST

    SportsEngine develops new features and functionality in an agile environment where updates are made to our products on a regular basis. Work is grouped into "Sprints" which typically last a few weeks....

  • What Internet Browsers are Supported?

    Jul 19, 2016 10:30AM CDT

    The SportsEngine Platform supports the current release and one version back of the Internet Browsers listed below for editing on the Platform. Preferred Internet Browsers on the SportsEngine Platfor...

  • How do I clear my Browser Cache (history)?

    Jul 19, 2016 01:15PM CDT

    You should periodically clear the cache to make sure you have the most current version of the website and to help resolve problems with old versions of files and/or pages showing up. Important: Click...

  • How do I flush my DNS Cache?

    Mar 24, 2016 01:30PM CDT

    Domain Name Servers (DNS) map domain names (such as to IP addresses. The 'memory' of all the DNS lookups your computer has performed is called the 'DNS cache'. Sometimes, for various reas...

  • Updating Nameserver / DNS Information to go LIVE

    Jan 27, 2017 12:04PM CST

    In order to go Live with your new website, a change to your domain name’s DNS records is required. One of the following options listed below will need to be utilized. See the step-by-step instructio...

  • How Do I Send Support a Screen Shot?

    Mar 02, 2016 07:08PM CST

    Often our support team will need to see what you're seeing on your screen by asking you to send a screen shot or a screen capture. Below is a list of guides based on your device or operating system: ...

  • What are the supported Domain Verification methods?

    Jul 14, 2016 11:14AM CDT

    SportsEngine supports the following Domain Verification Methods: HTML/Meta Tags TXT Records CName Records SportsEngine does NOT support uploading files to the ROOT site. ACTION: To ensure a...

  • Why We Require Email Activation To Create SportsEngine Accounts

    Oct 28, 2016 02:08PM CDT

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