Season Setup

  • Season Setup Guide

    Jun 06, 2017 02:00PM CDT

    Large or small, your organization has a lot of moving parts to manage season to season. Season Setup helps you organize: Leagues Divisions Teams Seasons Players Staff Power Rankings S...

  • Guide to Building a League

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    This article will explain step-by-step on how to create a League. To learn more about each step of the process of building a please select the links below to branch off to additional help articles. S...

  • How do I add players to my Roster in Sport Management? (Mass Roster- R...

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    You can add players from an online registration to team pages to build out the rosters for the teams on the SportsEngine Site. You can either choose players from existing Team Rosters or from Unattach...

  • Mass Scoring

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    Purpose: In mass scoring game details and scores can be changed for all games within a league all at once. See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video. Note: Sports...

  • How do I Attach a Rostered Player to a SportsEngine Account?

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    When rostered players are added manually or imported into the SportsEngine system, follow the instructions below to attach the rostered players to a SportsEngine Account. This will allow the rostered ...

  • How do I move a traded player?

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    Follow the steps below for best practices for handling a player being traded from one team to another within the same league. Before initiating this process, make sure the "Career Stats" Site Setting...

  • What are the Standing Types on League Management?

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    Standings functionality is currently available to all 'League' websites. League sites will have the ability to add 'League' and 'Division' page types. When creating a League page type, you will be ...

  • How are Standings at the Division Level Set?

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    Purpose: If you have Division pages within a League, you can choose whether or not to include the entire Division in your League Standings. Click here to See a Step-by-Step Video on how to Create a L...

  • How do I override the amount of Points awarded to Standings?

    Jun 06, 2017 01:55PM CDT

    Purpose: follow the steps below to set custom points for standings on a League and individual game level. Note: Standings Points Override is available for all Hockey and Custom Points Standings Types...

  • How do I create a Season to include a single seeded elimination bracke...

    Jun 06, 2017 01:56PM CDT

    This article will show you how to create a Subseason to include a Seeded Elimination Bracket. Note: This is a feature included in League Sites, but does not tied to the SportsEngine Tournament Tool. ...

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