Roster Players and Coaches to Teams

After you've created teams, you can add players and coaches to those teams to build the roster. Rostered players are added to Team Roster Groups, allowing team admins to easily send out messages to the entire team.

If you used SportsEngine Registration to collect player info, you will be able to use the Player Rostering tool to quickly roster all your registered players.

Coaches or players that were not registered through SportsEngine Registration will need to be rostered from the individual Team Pages.

  • Roster players who registered through SportsEngine with the Player Rostering tool
  • Roster coaches and players not registered through SportsEngine from Team Pages 
Pro Tip

Register players with SportsEngine Registration before creating rosters to take advantage of the Player Rostering tool.

Roster Players with the Rostering Tool

Use the Player Rostering tool to quickly roster multiple teams by selecting players to add directly from SportsEngine Registration sessions. It is the easiest way to roster players.

1 Go to the Player Rostering tool

The Player Rostering tool is located in the Players section of the Sport Mgmt tab in the Admin Control Panel. To get there:
Step 1: Log in to your website and go to the Admin Control Panel
Step 2: Go to the Sport Mgmt tab
Step 3: Go to the Players subsection
Step 4: Select Rostering

2 Use a Search Filter to Select Players from a Team

Select a registration session from the dropdown; this will load a list of all players registered for that session. Create a Search Filter using a field from the registration to narrow down the list and ideally isolate players on a single team.

For example you might have had a question labeled 'level of play' in your registration, you could create a filter that limits the data to only show players who selected 'U14 Challenge' as their 'level of play' by setting the filter to 'level of play' is 'U14 Challenge'.

To create a filter:
Step 1: Select a registration session
Step 2: Click Filter Registered Players
Step 3: Make sure the field that you would like to filter with is checked under Fields
Step 4: Define the filter rules under Filter

3 Select the Corresponding Team

Click Team Roster in the top right-hand corner. This will bring up a list of teams that you've created team pages for. Select the team that you would like to add the players to.

4 Add the Players to the Team 

Click the green plus icon on the left hand side of each player to add them to the team's roster.
To use the Player Rostering tool, you must have:
  • Registered players using SportsEngine Registration
  • Admin permissions for that registration session
  • Already created Team Pages for the teams


Roster Coaches or Players from a Team Page:

Coaches or players that were not registered through SportsEngine Registration will need to be rostered from the individual Team Pages

1 Go to the Roster on a Team Page

Log in to your website and navigate to a team page. Make sure Edit Mode is turned on then click the Roster tab from the lower page menu.


2 Click Add Coach or Add Player

Scroll down and click Add Player in the middle of the yellow box to add players to the team or click the Coach tab then Add Coach to add coaches to the team.


3 Add Coach or Players  

After clicking Add Coach or Add Player a box will popup with several options for how you add them:

  1. Create a new player or coach
  2. Add player or coach from network directory
  3. Import player or coach from a registration
  4. Import players from an excel spreadsheet


Option 1: Create New Player or Coach

Use this option to add a single player or coach. It is not the best option if the individual already is in your SportsEngine membership or if you plan on adding more than a handful of players.

Step 1: Select Create New Player or Create New Coach
Step 2: Enter the player or coach's information
Step 3: Click Save Player or Save Coach
We recommend adding a contact email address for the player or coach. By doing this, the player or coach's SportsEngine account will be connected to the team. If they don't already have an account, they will be prompted to create one via email.


Option 2: Add Player or Coach from Network Member Directory

Use this option if the player or coach already has been added to your organization's member directory in the past.

Step 1: Select Add Player (or Coach) from Network Member Directory
Step 2: Search for the player or coach's profile and select it
Step 3: Enter any additional information
Step 4: Click Save Player or Save Coach


Option 3: Import Player or Coach from Registration

Use this option if the player or coach registered through SportsEngine Registration and you only are rostering for this individual team. If you are rostering for multiple teams, we highly recommend you use the rostering tool instead.

Step 1: Select Import Player or Coach from Registration
Step 2: Select a Registration session
Step 3: Add a filter rule to narrow down the list of players or coaches and click Select Filters
Step 4: Select the player(s) or coach to add to the team
Step 5: Enter any additional information
Step 6: Click Add Player or Coach to Roster

Option 4: Import Players from Excel

Use this option to mass import many players from an excel spreadsheet. This is the best option if you have a lot of players to roster, but did not use SportsEngine Registration to collect their information.

Step 1: Select Import Players from Excel
Step 2: Select Download Roster Template for Excel. Example here.
Step 3: Open the template in Microsoft Excel on your computer
Step 4: Add your players to the template with their information matching the column headers
Step 5: Save as an .xls file on your computer
Step 6: Click Choose File back on SportsEngine
Step 7: Select the roster .xls file you created
Step 8: Click Add Players to Roster
  • The file must be in .xls format
  • The labeled header column is required in the spreadsheet
  • Only fields that you enable in Roster Settings will appear in the template

Player Position

Only certain values are accepted when using the Position field in the import. Make sure to use the letter(s) in bold below to represent that position.

Ice Hockey
F - Forward D - Defense G - Goalie

A - Attack M - Midfield D - Defense
LSM - Long Stick Midfield G - Goalie  

C - Catcher P - Pitcher 1B - 1st Base 2B - 2nd Base 3B - 3rd Base
SS - Shortstop LF - Left Field CF - Center Field RF - Right Field INF - Infield
OF - Outfield DH - Designated Hitter LCF - Left Center Field RCF - Right Center Field  

F - Forward M - Mid Fielder D - Defense GK - Goal Keeper

F - Forward G - Guard C - Center

Track and Field
Distance - Distance

QB - Quarterback HB - Halfback FB - Fullback WR - Wide Receiver TE - Tight End
OT - Offensive Tackle OG - Offensive Guard C - Center DE - Defensive End DT - Defensive Tackle
NT - Nose Tackle LB - Linebacker CB - Cornerback SS - Strong Safety G - Gunner
H - Holder KR - Kick Returner LS - Long Snapper PK - Placekicker P - Punter
O - Offense ST - Special Teams D - Defense MLB - Middle Linebacker OLB - Outside Linebacker
ILB - Inside Linebacker FS - Free Safety DB - Defensive Back    

S - Setter L - Libero MB - Middle Blocker
OH - Outside Hitter OPP - Opposite Hitter DS - Defensive Specialist

Folkstyle - Folkstyle Freestyle - Freestyle Greco-Roma - Greco-Roman

Box Lacrosse
D - Defense T - Transition
A - Attack/Offense G - Goalie

Prop - Prop Hooker - Hooker Lock - Lock
Flanker - Flanker Number 8 - Number 8 Scrumhalf - Scrumhalf
Flyhalf - Flyhalf Center - Center Wing - Wing
Full Back - Full Back    
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