Membership Status

Membership statuses is to help organize your membership directory, opt members out of email contacts, and add an additional level of security for your organization. You can also remove a profile from a site by selecting the profile.

1) If a member requests you can remove them from site membership. A member is able to do this here.

2) Site Membership is granted at the ‘profile’ level – not at the ‘user’ level. If a user has only one profile, there are no extra steps to becoming a member. However, if a user has more than one profile, they will be asked to select which profiles receive membership for each site they join.

Once you've selected an individual profile from the member directory you will see the Status bar located below each profile. You also see the ability to alter the status using the Change Status dropdown button.

Below is a description of each member status found in the Change Status dropdown button:
  • Active: Member may use all features of the site that they have been given access to by site administrators.
  • Blacklisted: Member has been flagged by a site administrator as “Blacklisted”. A blacklisted profile (and any other profile attached to the owner’s account) is unable to access private pages or any other action which requires membership (like editing pages) and is also unable to complete registrations. Blacklisted members cannot rejoin the site and the Blacklisted status can only be lifted by a site administrator.
  • Inactive:  Member has been flagged by a site administrator as "Inactive". 
Below is a list of additional "pending" statuses that you will see from the status bar for a profile:
  • Approval Needed: Member has guest-level access pending site administrator approval. Only available on sites where membership privacy has been set to “Approval Required”.
  • Not Activated: Membership for a user who has not activated their SportsEngine account. Once the account is activated, site membership becomes active (or approval needed, if membership requires administrator approval).

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