How do I Import a file with the Schedule Upload Tool?

Last Updated: May 08, 2017 04:05PM CDT

The Schedule Upload tool located within the Website Tools section of your Admin Control Panel, accepts two types of file formats for importing a file into your website.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

Prepare Your Schedule Upload Import Template

Uploading your scheduling file into the website:

  1. Log in to your organization's website
  2. Click Admin Control Panel in the upper right hand corner of your website
  3. Click Website Tools Tab
  4. Click Schedule Upload
  5. Click Mapping Codes
  6. Select the LeagueSeason, Sub-Season from the Filter drop-down list.
  7. Enter Mapping Codes that correspond to the Team/Division Names found in your third-party software application. The Schedule Import will only process event data for teams/divisions with valid Team Codes.  If you're not using third-party software and are using the NGIN custom format you can use default ID's for mapping codesThis team code that you enter then needs to correspond with the team_id fields (home or away) on the import file. You can assign one event to two teams with one team being in the home field info and one being in the away info. If you wish to assign more than two teams to a single event add an additional row with the same exact event information except with the correct team code. As long as two events match exactly in the same consecutive fields the import process will identify that as one event.
  8. You're now ready to import your fileIn the Schedule Upload tab, click choose file to locate the file on your computer, and select the upload and process file button.
  9. Once you've located the file and the path is displayed in the window, you can now decide if you would like to check the box that says 'Replace all previously uploaded events'.  If you check this box, it will replace all events that were imported in previous uploads.  If you still have those previous events in your current file, you will want to check this box to avoid duplicate events.  If this is a new file with all new events that have never been previously imported, then you do NOT want to check the box or you will lose all of your previously imported events. 

    Currently if you are processing numerous uploads throughout the season and using the Mass Replace feature (Replace Previously Uploaded Events check box), all Games in 'Scheduled' status will be removed and replaced with the new import information.  All Games that are 'In Progress' or 'Final/Completed' will be duplicated if your next upload contains the same game information.  To avoid this, there is now a second check box that will appear AFTER you check the mass replace box that will say 'Ignore games prior to today's date'.  Please be sure to check this box as well to avoid the duplicate game issue for those games that have already been completed.
  10. Click Upload and Process File

  11. *For Common Troubleshooting Steps, Click Here.

Also note that the schedule import works as a master schedule, meaning that every time you upload a new file it will overwrite the previous events with the new file.   For example if you import 10 practices and then import the schedule again to add 5 new games you would want to make sure the file includes the 10 practices plus the 5 new games.  Furthermore, it will only overwrite previous events that were added via the Schedule Upload Tool.  If you added events manually to a calendar or through an Event Aggregator etc, those events would be unaffected.
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