How do I create or archive a Dib Session?

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016 10:24AM CDT

A Dib Session is a collection of all available volunteer shifts.  Enabled Dib Sessions allow applicable members to begin claiming Dib Items.  You control task completion and credits on a per dib session basis.  Therefore, if your organization has multiple different volunteer requirements then you would need to create a new dib session for each new requirement.

Example:  If your organization requires a different number of hours/credits based on family size (one player family vs. 2+ player family), you will have multiple Dib Sessions. 

Example of possible Dib Session titles for this scenario:

  • 2016-2017 Single player family (within the dib session settings you can set the minimum number of credits/hours = 10)
  • 2016-2017 Multi-player family (within the dib session settings you can set the minimum number of credits/hours = 15)

You can also assign Dib Items to multiple Dib Sessions.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

Creating a new Dib Session:

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select Edit Mode
Step 3: Select the Dib Tab
Step 4: Select Create a New Dib Session

Step 5: Enter in New Dib Session Settings
  • Dib Session Name: It is best to include a year e.g. 2017 Softball Volunteers
  • Status: Enabled, Disabled, or Archived.
    • ​Disabled means that the Dibs session is not viewable.
    • Archived means that the Dibs session is no longer able to be used. To archive a Dibs Session you'll need to select the small gear icon to edit the Dibs session, next you'll select the status as Archive and Save that Dibs Session.
  • Login Optional: The first option allows the general public to view and sign up for dib items. The second requires users to have or create and NGIN account to view Dib Items. The second option is recommended if you wish to track families volunteer requirements
  • You will only see "Open Joining" if you require users to have NGIN accounts. By checking off "any user can join the Dib session",  users will automatically be able to log into their account and view Dib Sessions. By checking off "User must be placed in a Dib session by an admin", users will only see Dib Sessions if they are manually placed in their by an admin
  • Description: Help clarify Dib session use for the volunteers. (not required)
  • Track Credits: Check off if you wish to wish to create a minimum or maximum
  • Enter in Minimum credit: Organizations will often consider one credit as one hour.
  • Enter in Maximum credits: Most organization's don't set this as they encourage as much volunteering as they can get.
  • Email Reminder: By checking "Email Reminder?", users will receive and email one day before their shift (dib item) starts
  • Alert Admin Email: Enter in the email addresses of the admins of Dibs. They will be notified once a Dib item is complete or of any cancellation notices. Separate emails by a comma (e.g., Entering in admins' email addresses are not required.
  •  Click Create Dibs Session
​Next Step: How do I Create a Dib Item or Import Dib Items from Excel?
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