Guide to Scheduling

You can add, edit, and delete, and schedule a game outside of a league to your Solo or League schedule directly within your website. 

To Mass Import a Schedule Select Here

Add a Game:
Step 1: Login in> switch to Edit Mode> Navigate to the Team Page for one of the teams for which the game is to be scheduled. 
Step 2: Click the Game Schedule tab. 
Step 3: Click the Add Game button.

To add a game to a Solo Team site, do the following:
Note: Team 1 will automatically default to the team for which you are adding the game. To add a new team (only available for Solo sites, not within a League), select the New Team tab and enter in the team information including the Team 2 Name and Abbreviation.
To select an existing team, select the team from the Team drop-down list. If your opponent is TBD, select the TBD tab. Keep in mind that a game cannot be score until a team is selected.

To add a game to a League site, do the following:
For Team 1, select the team from the drop-down list and then select whether they are the home or visitor team.
For Team 2, for In-League Teams, select the team. For Outside League Teams, you will need to connect the leagues in order to see the outside league teams. Click here for more information. 
For all game types, update the following information. 

Step 4: If you have a logo to upload, click Choose File to select the image file. 
Step 5: Enter the game date and time including the time zone, if needed. If the time is TBD, select the Time TBD? checkbox. 

Enter an optional description. 
  • If you want to be able to add comments to the game select the Enable Game Comments checkbox. 
  • In the Regulation Periods and Officials section, enter the Game Time information and Official names. 
  • In the Broadcast Information section, enter the link for the livestream location or after the game you can past the video embed code into the text box to display the video in the game window. 
  • In the Venue section, enter the Venue information. After the game you can go back and update the attendance, sellout info, and note the actual start and end date and time. 
  • In the Weather section, after the game you can enter the weather conditions during the game. ​
Step 6: Click Create Game

Additional Notes
  • The game will automatically be created with a 'Scheduled' status.
  • If you have a Scheduler that imports all of the games on your website, manually adding the same game will create a duplicate game.  Do not add games directly to the calendar.  By adding a game to the Game Schedule, it will automatically add the game to your calendar as well.

​​Viewing, Editing, and Deleting Games:

Step 1: In User Mode, navigate to the game schedule and click the game time in the Status column for your game. 
Step 2: The game page displays all of the information relative to the game. While in Edit Mode, in the game details, click the gear icon in the top right of the details and select Edit Game Details. 
Step 3: While in Edit Mode, in the game details, click the gear icon in the top right of the details and select Delete. 
Step 4: Type DELETE to confirm and then click Delete. The game is removed from both schedules. 

  • If the League Page is disabled, those team's records won't be displayed on the Standings page, but the games played against them will still count towards the in-house team's standings.
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