Permissions allows you to grant or limit access of a member or group to any SportsEngine tool or page. With permissions, you control who can view, edit, or manage, each part of your organization in SportsEngine.

For example, your organization permissions breakdown might look like this:
Organization Role
Director Webmaster Access
Treasurer Access to Financials
Registrar Access to Registration
Team Manager Access to Individual Team Page

Who can grant permissions?

You must have Webmaster Access to grant permissions to use SportsEngine tools to other people, though members with Owner permissions for pages can grant permissions for that individual page.

Important! Only users with Webmaster Access can grant permissions to SportsEngine tools

Grant permissions to use SportsEngine tools

If you would like someone else to have the ability to use any of SportsEngine's tools for your organization, you will need to give them permissions from the People tab of the Admin Control Panel.

Step 1: Log in to your website and head to the Admin Control Panel
Step 2:
Select the People (or Members) Tab
Step 3: Select Permissions (or Member Directory)
Step 4: Find the person who you want to give permissions to and click their name
Step 5: Check the box next to the tools that you would like to give this person access to

If the person that you want to give permissions to is not in the list, you may need to invite the person to become a member of your SportsEngine site first. How do I invite someone to my organization in SportsEngine?

What permissions can I grant?

Below are just a handful of the permissions that you can grant. 
Permission Description
Webmaster Access Access all tools and manage website content
Admin Control Panel Access all tools, but not website content
Sport Management Manage leagues, divisions, teams, seasons, players, etc.
Financials View financial data and send invoices
Registration Edit registration sessions and view registration data
Website Content Administrate, edit, or view website pages

Permissions are organized hierarchically. If you grant a higher level permission, you won't need to also grant a lower level permission. For example, if you grant a person access to the Admin Control Panel, you will not need to also grant them access to Financials. 

Grant Permissions to Website Pages

In addition to SportsEngine tools, you can grant permissions to view, edit, or own, individual pages on your website. This is useful to delegate responsibility for the various parts of your website such as the calendar page or individual team pages.

Types of Page Permissions

There are 3 types of page permissions you can grant:

Owner: user can add content, delete the page, and send messages
Edit: user can edit existing page content
View: user can just view existing page content

By default all users have viewing permissions to public pages.

Owner permissions on Team Pages = Access to TeamCenter

Team managers and coaches must have owner permissions for their team page to manage their team in SportsEngine and gain access to the TeamCenter.

Pro Tip: Give team managers and coaches permissions to team pages to give them access to their TeamCenter.

How to Grant Permissions for Pages

If you have Webmaster Access, you can grant permissions from the Admin Control Panel just like granting permissions to tools (see above). If you do not have Webmaster Access but have Owner permissions for a page, you can grant page permissions to other people for that page.

Important! You must have owner permissions for a page to grant permissions to that page

Step 1: Log in to the website and navigate to the page you wish to grant permissions for
Step 2: Turn on edit mode
Step 3: Click the Permissions tab
Step 4: Select Add Profile or Add Group
Step 5: Select the person or group that you would like to give permissions
Step 6: Check the box under the Owner, Edit, or View permissions
Step 7: Select Add

Note: a user with edit permissions will not be able to edit a disabled page

If the person that you want to give permissions to is not in the list of profiles, you may need to invite the person to become a member of your SportsEngine site first. How do I invite someone to my organization in SportsEngine?

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