How do I Import USA Hockey Confirmation Numbers to the USA Hockey Registry Tool?

You can export USA Hockey Confirmation Numbers from SportsEngine and Import USA Hockey Confirmation Numbers to the USA Hockey Registry Tool after Registration on SportsEngine is complete.

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select Admin Control Panel
Step 3: Select Registration Tab
Step 4: Select the Registration Name
Step 5: Select Save Reports
Step 6: Select Create Report

Step 7: Name the Report
Step 8: Select the Fields of USA Hockey Number
Step 9: Select Create Report

Step 10: Select Export to Excel (.csv)

Step 11:
Add a Member Type to the Excel File. Make sure the column name is Member Type and you use the follow letters for the following Member Types 
(P, C, M, V – for Player, Coach, Manager, or Volunteer). A separate registration and Import file is generally created for each member type. Once the Member Type is added, save the file on your computer.

Step 12: Log in to and click the “Registration” tab.
Step 13: Click the “Import Members” button.
Step 14: Choose “Upload File”
Step 15: Browse to the file you downloaded from NGIN, Open it and then click the “Upload List” button.
Step 16: On the Member Import Tool that pops up, set Column 1 to “Confirmation Number” and Column 2 to “Member Type”.  Leave the other Columns as they are: set to “Ignore”.
Step 17: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Import Members” button.

Note: Ignore the “This is not a valid confirmation number” error and click the “OK” button – it is just reacting to the column header at the top of the list.

Step 18: You should now see your Confirmation Number list with Member Types.  To the left is a “Sessions Totals” box that tells you how many of each Member Type are in the list.
Step 19: Click the green “Submit Member List” button just below the “Session Totals” box.
Step 20: Give the program a couple minutes to analyze and import the data.
Step 21: You should now see an “Import Totals” pop-up, listing how many of each Member Type was imported.  Additional categories in this list are:

  • “Members Updated” – these people are already in your list, but there was updated info on the USAH server that has now been loaded into the Registry Tool.
  • “Previously Claimed Members” – these people are already in your list, and you already have the most up-to-date info from the USAH server.
  • “Members Not Found” – this indicates the Confirmation Number was invalid or out-of-date.  These numbers will display in red in your list after you close the pop-up.

If you experience any errors during the import process or need further assistance with the USA Hockey Registry application please contact USA Hockey directly.

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