Single Photo Page Element

Use the Single Photo page element to add one static photo somewhere on your site. To add a single photo to your website:

  1. Navigate to your organization's site, login, and toggle on Edit Mode.
  2. Find or add the layer container that you would like the page element to appear in, then click Add Page Element
  3. Select the Single Photo page element;
  4. Fill in the required fields, adjust the settings, and click Create This Page Element
  5. Toggle off Edit Mode to view the new page element from a user's perspective.

Single Photo Settings

Alt Text: Add Alternate text explaining the image to help users who cannot see it (e.g., describing a photo in a news article or writing out the text of an advertisement).
Link to Image: Enables visitors to open the image by itself in a new window
Image Caption: Shows text underneath the image
Show Original Image: This will render the uncompressed image, which may lead to slower page load times; the image will still be re-sized to fit the page and layout container. (Not recommended)
Custom CSS Class - Add a custom CSS class (for web developers)
SportsEngine Mirroring - Enable if you want to be able to mirror this page element on other pages. 
Lock in Place - Select if you want to prevent this page element from moving to a new location on the page. 
Disable Editing - Select to prevent non-webmasters from editing this page element.
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