People360 Guide

People360 is a tool used to report on registrations, send messages, work with groups, send payment, and manage athlete information. This tool is currently in Beta, so if you would like it turned on you need to contact your account manager to do so. When turned on the 'People' tab will replace the 'Members' tab on the admin control panel for organizations. You must have webmaster permissions to access this.

Login> Select Admin Control Panel> Select People Tab> Select People360

(1) Report on Membership and Registrations Data
(2) Send Messages
(3) Work with Groups
(4) Request Payment
(5) Manage People's Information
(6) Add People

(1) Report on Membership and Registrations Data: Reports can be run on the full organizational membership list, on a single registration session, or across multiple registration sessions on any data that has been collecting from a profile or from a registration session.

Step 1: Select the three dots on the right side to add the data fields to the report.
Step 2: Select the Columns to display on the report
Step 3: Select the filter(s) by selecting the data source(s), fields, logic, and value.
Step 4: View data, send messages, create groups, or send payments.

(2) Send Messages: Email messages can be sent out all members, individuals members, registrants in one or multiple registration sessions.

Step 1: Select members or run a report (see topic 1 above)
Step 2: Select the message button
Step 3: Confirm the message is being sent to the proper group
Step 4: Type out the message
Step 5: Preview and Send the message

(3) Work with Groups: Creating groups provides a way an organization can keep a collection of members together to be able to assign to pages or to email.

Step 1: Select members or run a report (see topic 1 above)
Step 2: Create a Group

Note: Click Here to learn more about groups.

View, Message,Request Payment, and Archive Groups by selecting the Groups and Rosters Button

(4) Request Payment: PowerPay invoices can be sent out a member, group of members, or registrants from a registration session.

Step 1: Select members or run a report (see topic 1 above)
Step 2: Select Request Payment

Note: Click Here to learn more about PowerPay.

(5) Manage People's Information
By selecting a person, people's data can be viewed, the registration data can be changed, and a bill can be sent.

Step 1: Locate and select the person
Step 2: View profile information on the info tab, view/edit registration information on the registration history tab, and view/send PowerPay invoices on the billing activity tab.

(6) Add People: A person can be added to your people directory by adding them in People360. Upon doing so, the person that was added will be invited to claim that invite and add a profile to a SportsEngine Account. Even if a person doesn't claim the invite, email messages and PowerPay invoices can still be sent to that person.

Step 1: Select Add People
Step 2: Type in First Name, Last Name, and Email
Step 3: Report, Send Messages, or Invoices to Person.

Here is the claim email the person will receive:

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