Adding the RallyMe Fundraiser Page Element

You can display and promote RallyMe fundraisers right on your team's website by adding the RallyMe page element.You can display multiple fundraisers at the same time and invite your members to create their own fundraisers with RallyMe.

Adding a RallyMe Page Element

You need to start a RallyMe campaign before you can add the page element to your website since a RallyMe Fundraiser ID is required. 

To add a RallyMe page element, do the following:
  1. Login to your website and switch to Edit Mode
  2. Navigate to the page for which you want to add the RallyMe page element.
    Note: We recommend you place the page element in either a 2:1 or 3:3 layout container, or a full page layout container if you are placing at the top or bottom of the page. 
  3. Select the Add Page Element button. 
  4. In the RallyMe page element window, complete the following information: 
    1. Display Your RallyMe Fundraiser - Enter the ID for your fundraiser. 
    2. Help Others Start a Fundraiser - Select this option to create a Call to Action inviting members to start their own fundraiser. Those member fundraisers will not display on your website unless you choose to add another RallyMe page element and use their RallyMe Fundraiser ID. You can display as many fundraisers as you want on your website. 
    3. SportsEngine Mirroring - Select this option if you want to mirror this page element on other sites.
  5. If you want to lock the position of the page element, select the Lock in Place checkbox. 
  6. If you want to prevent this page element from being edited, select the Disable Editing checkbox.
  7. Select Create This Page Element. The page element is now added to your page. Switch back to User Mode to view your RallyMe widget on your page. 

How do I find my RallyMe Fundraiser ID?
After you have logged in to and have started a Draft Rally fundraiser, choose the Details tab and scroll to bottom of the page to find the RALLY ID.

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