Create or Copy a Bill

Organizations can request a payment from a group of users, teams, or individuals directly within SportsEngine using PowerPay. PowerPay is an invoicing system within SportsEngine that allows organizations to easily collect and keep track of payments from its members. Payments are collected by credit card and are processed with the current processor settings and merchant accounts in place for your organization.

Create a Bill
Copy a Bill
  • Note: Only users who've been granted Financial Administration privileges in your organization can request payments and view the PowerPay website. 
Requesting a Payment
Requesting a payment within PowerPay works the same way regardless of how many people you send the bill to.

Create a Bill​
Step 1: Log into your organization's website> Select Admin Control Panel> Select PowerPay
Step 2: In PowerPay, click the Request Payment button. An empty bill appears. Complete the following fields (items with a * are required): 
  • To - Begin typing the first or last name of the contact and select the correct name from the search results list. Do the same for each name if sending the bill to more than one person. You can send a bill to anyone in your Contact List, regardless of whether they are SportsEngine members.
  • Description - Enter the description for the bill - up to 21 characters. 
  • Due Date - Select the due date for the bill to be paid. 
    • Note: Due dates can only be for the current day or in the future and cannot be changed once sent. For bills due in the past (for work performed, for uniforms previously ordered, etc.), you can add a note in the Messages section indicating the time period this bill was for. 
  • Itemize All Bills - Select the checkbox if you want to list the specific items that make up the bill.
    • Add a Description in the Item field
    • Update the Quantity
    • Enter the Amount
    • Click the Add Line Item to add another line
  • Amount - Enter the amount to be paid.
  • Allow Partial Payments - Select the checkbox if you allow users to pay the bill in multiple payments. Click here for more information on partial payments. 
  • Who Pays the Online Processing Fees? Select who will absorb the online processing fee for the bill: Organization or Recipient.
    • Recipient: the fee will be added to the total amount requested as a line item in the bill and will be collected at time of payment.
    • Organization: the fee will be paid by your organization and will be deducted from the amount requested during processing.
  • Messages - Enter a message to the recipients. This message will appear for every person for which the bill is sent. 
  • Click Review to preview the bill. You will see the breakdown of what amount your organization will receive after the Online Processing Fees are settled based on your selection. To edit the bill, click the Edit Details button and edit the information. To save the bill to send later, click Save Draft. You can edit the bill and send at a later time. Click here for more information.
  • If everything looks good, click Send Request. A confirmation appears on the PowerPay website homepage.

Copy a Bill
Step 1: Select the Bill Request
Step 2: Select Copy
Step 3: Update any Bill Information

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