Adding a Layout Container to a Page

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016 12:59PM CDT
Layout Containers are the means by which you organize page elements and/or content on a particular page.

Adding a Layout Container to a Page
  1. Access the SportsEngine site you wish to create a layout container for, and for which you have editing permissions.
  2. Log in with your SportsEngine Account.
  3. Toggle the site into Edit Mode.
  4. Navigate to the page you’d like to add a layout container to.
  5. On the Content tab, select the Add Layout Container button.
  6. On the Create Layout Container screen, you can select the column layout variation you prefer, as well as enter an optional Name and Custom CSS Class for the container. When you’re finished, select the Create Layout Container button.
  7. Your new layout container will now appear on the page (at the bottom).
  8. If you have multiple layout containers on a page, you can edit their order by clicking on the compass icon on the upper, left corner of the layout container, holding the mouse key down, dragging the container to the desired position, and releasing.
  9. On the upper, right corner of layout containers are five buttons that work in the following ways:
    1. Mirror - If you add a layout container to mirrors, you can put a mirror elsewhere in the site and link the content, such that edits on the page you are currently on will be reflected in the mirror on a different page.
    2. Move - Moves the layout container, with all its contents, to another page.
    3. Copy - Copies the layout container, with all its contents, so you may paste them to another page.
    4. Edit - Allows users to change the style of the layout container.
    5. Trash Can (Delete) - Removes the layout container and everything inside it.
  10. You can add content to a layout container by selecting Add Page Element, inside the border of the layout container.
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