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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017 11:11AM CDT
The Member Dashboard is the area of a SportsEngine website in which you can access all information related to your organizational participation via your SportsEngine Account. Here you are able to read any messages that have been sent to you, view and edit the profiles that are attached to your account, and observe what groups you are a part of, what you’ve registered for, what volunteering duties you’ve claimed via Dibs, the levels of access you’ve been granted, and your overall SportsEngine account settings.

Navigating the Dashboard
  1. Access your organization’s SportsEngine site, and log in to your SportsEngine account by selecting the Login button on the top, left portion of the screen.
  2. After you’ve successfully logged in, select the down arrow to the right of your username at the top of the screen to open a drop menu.
  3. From the menu, select Dashboard.
  4. On the left portion of the Dashboard screen will be a sidebar menu with the following options:
    • Dashboard (which is the Dashboard home screen)
    • Schedule
    • Messages
    • My Teams
    • My Profile
    • Household
    • Groups
    • Bills
    • Registrations
    • Purchased Items
    • Dibs (if enabled)
    • My Access
    • My Ngin Widget
    • Account Settings
  5. Under Schedule, you are able to view all upcoming events and any outstanding RSVPs to which you haven't responded.
  6. Under Messages, you are able to view all messages you’ve been sent, delete old messages, and set filters so that only certain types of messages are visible to you. Note that these messages will also be sent to the email address that is attached to your SportsEngine Account, but this Inbox exists as an easily accessible repository for all sport organization-related messaging.
  7. Under My Teams, you can view all the teams for which you or your sub-profile(s) are rostered to.
  8. Under My Profile, you can view every profile attached to your SportsEngine Account, edit your name, upload a picture of yourself, manage your connections with Sites, Groups, and Linked Accounts, and set your account privacy settings.
  9. Under Household, you can view the sub-profiles created with your account. 
  10. Under Groups, you can remove yourself from particular groups or (provided you have the permissions to) send a message to a group.
  11. Under Bills, you can view any outstanding or paid bill sent by your organization. 
  12. Under Registration you can view the registrations you’ve completed. You can see more detail on any registration by selecting it. Every Registration Entry has a unique number, and you are given the further options to print or unclaim an entry, by selecting buttons in the top, right corner of the screen.
  13. Under Purchased Items, you can view all of the items that have been purchased with your account, or make your next scheduled payment for a Payment Plan.
  14. Under Dibs (if enabled), you can view all information regarding SportsEngine's volunteer coordination functionality, including your active Dibs (volunteer) sessions, claimed Dibs sessions, and completed Dibs sessions.
  15. Under My Access, you can view the areas you have access to on SportsEngine sites. If you need access to a page or tab to be granted to you by a webmaster, send them this information.
  16. Under Account Settings, you can change your name, add an email address or mobile phone number to your account, or unsubscribe from organizations if you’d like to stop receiving their emails.
  17. If at any point you wish to return to the site you entered the Dashboard from, select the icon to the left of your username at the top of your screen.
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