How can I prevent my Team's Roster from being public?

Last Updated: May 08, 2017 11:57AM CDT
What’s a Private Roster?

The Private Roster feature allows for only those with SportsEngine Accounts associated with your Team to view the Team’s Roster.

This is of particular interest to those who do not want minor players to have their names, photos, and demographic information available to the public, but still want the internal benefits of that data being accessible to parents, coaches, and teammates.

See the step-by-step instructions below or Click Here to view the on-demand video demonstration.

Changing the Status of your Roster to Private

Note that Tool Settings of this kind are available at the League level, unless it is a Solo Site, in which case it is on the Team level.
  1. Access your SportsEngine website.
  2. Log into your SportsEngine Account. Note that Webmaster or Page Owner access is required, and that if your Team Page is dependent on a League Page, these Tool Settings are handled at the League level.
  3. Navigate to your site’s League Page (or Team Page if not associated with a League).
  4. Toggle the site into Edit Mode.
  5. Select the yellow Admin button on the far right, in the upper portion of the screen.
  6. Select the Tool Settings tab.
  7. In the Roster section, select the drop menu labeled Status, and from the options of Inherit, Disabled, and Private, select Private.
  8. Select the yellow Save Changes button the left.
  9. A notification message of “SAVED” will be displayed beneath the button, and you will have successfully changed the status of your Roster to Private.
  10. Note that to view a Private Roster, you must be logged in with your SportsEngine account and have already successfully claimed the Roster Profile.  Additionally, if you have another person that you would like to view the roster your player is on (i.e. ex-spouse, nanny, grandpa, grandma), you can add them to your player’s CC List in the Linked Accounts section of your SportsEngine Account Profile.
* The "Inherit" status inherits the page status. If a league, division or team page is set to private - and that tab status is set to "inherit" - the tabs will inherit the private page status.
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