How do I change my Website Banner Graphic?

Sitebuilder has a feature that allows you to add a Banner Graphic, or make changes to an exiting Banner Graphic. You can add an image of your choosing and provide overlaying (or standalone) text. 

Step 1: Log In with your SportsEngine account.
Step 2: Select the Admin Control Panel icon in the top, right corner of your screen.
Step 3: Select the gray Website Settings tab.
Step 4: Select sub tab option of Theme.
Step 5: Select the light gray tab labeled Banner. 
Step 6: Select the Add Banner Graphic button.

Step 6: On the NEW BANNER GRAPHIC window that appears, you can add a new Banner Graphic to your site. On that window you will be presented with options regarding the following:

Visibility and Location
  • Setting the Banner to an Active Status (this is required for it to appear to users).
  • Add this banner as the Site Default (This Banner Graphic will then be the new default banner for your site.)
  • Add this banner as the Site Default Other (This Banner Graphic will be the secondary default banner for your site's log-in, e-mail and error pages.)
  • Add this banner on a specific Page (This requires selecting the intended Page from the hierarchy at the bottom of the window.
  • Transparent Background (or a Background Color).
There are also three options to include text on your new Banner. Selection of any will cause a field in which to enter the text to appear, as well as a text color selection field. Text options include the following:
  • Show Headline on Banner.
  • Show Title on Banner. (Note that the Banner title is required whether or not you'd like it to be shown.)
  • Show Tagline on Banner.

Note the following: 
  • There is also a Description field available to leave brief notes on the nature of the Banner.
  • For each theme the suggested banner size is given under the theme name.
  • The Example above is 990 pixels by 150 pixels.
  • You must save an image as a JPEG, PNG, SVG, or GIF file.
Step Seven: Select the CREATE THIS BANNER GRAPHIC button on the bottom, right of the window.

Step Eight: Finally, Navigate to the section(s) affected by your new Banner in User Mode to confirm the Banner look as you expected it to.

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