Tourney - Important Terms and Definitions

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 06:57PM CDT
These are the list of terms and definitions used in SportsEngine Tourney.

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Single Elimination (a.k.a. knockout, playoff, sudden death): Your run-of-the-mill bracket. Teams compete for the #1 spot. The loser of each match is immediately eliminated from winning the championship.

Double Elimination: Similar to the single elimination, except first-time losers go to a separate bracket, usually called a “losers bracket” or “bottom bracket,” where they still have a chance to win the championship.

Pool Play Only (a.k.a. pool play, group stage, pool stage): Teams are split into groups (pools) where they play each team in their group a set number of times under a round-robin system. Points are earned during group play in order to rank the teams within a group.

Pool Play to Custom Games: Teams from each pool advance into one or more custom-created games (these could be first place, third place, fifth place matches, etc.).

Pool Play to Single Elimination: The top-ranked teams from each pool compete in a single-elimination playoff to find a winner. Used by many major tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup.

Pool Play to Two Single Eliminations: After competing in a single pool play stage, teams are split up into two brackets (winners/losers, or top/bottom) based on the results. This serves as an alternative to single elimination with consolation bracket.

Pool Play to Single Elimination with Custom Games: Teams from each pool advance into either a single elimination or custom-created games. Useful for creating a championship bracket with extra friendship/relegation games.

Pools: The number of pools. Pool size (the number of teams per pool) is automatically determined by the seeding method and the max team limit. Note: Pools cannot have more than 15 teams.Rounds: The number of times an individual team plays the remaining teams in its pool. Generally, one is enough. For smaller pools, more rounds may be required to generate more accurate team standings.

Snake: Seeds teams into pools in a snake-like or serpentine direction, moving from the first to the last pool, then back to the first, and so forth. (In a three-pool example, seed #1 would go to pool 1, #2 to 2, #3 to 3, then #4 would go to 3, #5 to 2, #6 to 1, #7 to 1, etc.)

Sequential: Seeds teams into pools in order of pool number, moving from the first to the last pool until all pools are full. (In a three-pool example, seed #1 would go to pool 1, #2 to 2, #3 to 3, then #4 would go to 1, #5 to 2, #6 to 3, #7 to 1, etc.)

Manual: Does not seed teams into pools automatically. Instead, teams are manually assigned to team slots in each pool and re-ordered as needed.

Traditional: Seeds teams from the ends of the ranking order (#1 vs. #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, #4 vs. #5).

Sequential: Seeds teams from the top to the bottom of the ranking order (#1 vs. #2, #3 vs. #4, #5 vs. #6, #7 vs. #8).

Reseed: Individual stage and pool results are disregarded. Instead, all teams that have advanced are reranked and reseeded, much like the seeding before the first stage (i.e. Seed 1 vs. Seed 4, Seed 3 vs. Seed 2, etc.).

3rd Place (Single Elimination): Adds a game between the losing teams from the semifinal round in the winners bracket.

Consolation (Single Elimination): Adds a bracket for losing teams of games from the main bracket. Unlike a double elimination, teams in a consolation bracket cannot advance to the finals round of the main bracket. If both 3rd Place and Consolation are enabled, the losers of the semifinal round do not progress to the consolation bracket; instead, they progress to a third place game.

7th Place  (Single Elimination): Adds a game between the losing teams from the semifinal round from the consolation bracket. Can only be enabled if both 3rd Place and Consolation are enabled.

Full Elimination (Double Elimination): Adds an optional bonus match after the finals match in the case that the loser of the finals match has not lost twice (and, therefore, has not been fully eliminated).

Goals Quotient: Goals For / (Goals For + Goals Against)
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