Build Tournament Stages

Tournament Stages form the round structure of your tournament. For example, your tournament might have Pool Play for the first stage with the top two teams from each pool advancing to Single Elimination playoffs for the second stage.

Stages are built separately for each division, so make sure to add stages for each division you have in your Tournament. You can add as many stages as you need from the stage type options of Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Pool Play, or Friendly Game. You can also load a pre-structured stages template if you prefer.

Important! Make sure to build stages for each individual division in your Tournament

Add a Stage

You can add as many stages as you need and combine stage types to structure your Tournament. To add a stage:

Step 1: Log in to Tourney and select your Tournament
Step 2: Select the Divisions tab and click into a division
Step 3: Click Add Stage or the plus sign +
Step 4: Select a Stage Type and adjust the settings
Step 5: Click Save Changes

Additional stages can be added after you add the first stage.

Types of Stages

Single Elimination: A Team is eliminated from advancement after a single loss
Double Elimination: A Team is eliminated from advancement after two losses
Pool Play: Each team of each pool plays each other then the top ranked teams from each pool advance.
Friendly Game: Custom games with no advancement or standings


Example: Pool Play to Single Elimination

Create a Pool Play Stage:

Add a Single Elimination Stage after the Pool Play Stage:

Load a Template

You can load a stages template by clicking the down arrow ↓ . A template can include multiple stages, such as Pool Play to Single Elimination.

Add Advancement Settings

Make sure to enter the number of teams you would like to advance from one stage to the next.

Change Team Seeding

Reorder team seeding by dragging and dropping teams into different positions. You can also randomize the seeding by clicking the crossing arrows.

Add Additional Pools (Pool Play)

Click the plus sign + next to the pools to add additional pools. 

  • To add another team, increase the amount of Teams, then select the (+)
  • To set Crossover (teams from one pool will play teams from another pool) check crossover
  • Toggling the Seeding Method on the right will reseed the teams

Tournament Tool Important Terms and Definitions

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