How do I Create or Import Players and Assign them to a Team in a Tournament?

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016 07:18PM CDT
You can easily import players or create them directly in the Tourney to populate the teams. 

IMPORTANT: To have imported players attach to teams, you must do a Team Import and Save the Team ID's from the Import file. Then, you'll use the same Team ID's and use them in the Roster Import.

  • By running a registration report, an admin can pull in the player information that they need in the import file.
  • Click the attached Import File and format the registration report to the import file.

Click to Add Players Manually
Click to Import Players

Navigate to Team Tab
Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select Tournament
Step 3: Select Teams
Step 4: Select Players

Step 5: Select Import or Add Players

Click to Add Players Manually

Step 1: Type in Players Name
Step 2: Add Players

Players now will need to be assigned to Teams (if an import is done and you have the assign the Team ID's to each player the system will automatically assign players):

Step 1: Select Teams
Step 4: Select Assign Players
Step 5: Move Players in to Teams by dragging and dropping the Players to the Teams (Tip: click shift or command on your keyboard to select more than one team at a time)

Click to Import Players

Step 1: Open the Import File (attached to this article or located when you Select Import)

Step 2: Navigate to a Registration on SportsEngine and run a report with Player Name and any other field that is asked in the registration that is included in the Import File or Fill out the Import File with Player Name and ID.

Note: Team IDs are from the Team Import File.

CSV File Requirements
Supported Fields for Player Imports
  • Player ID
  • Team ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Jersey Number
  • Gender
  • Positions
Requirements for a Successful Import
  • The first row must match these spellings exactly. All fields are case-sensitive.
  • Player IDs must be unique otherwise they will overwrite each other upon import.
  • Each player must have a unique Player ID, First Name, and Last Name. Player IDs are for your reference and do not represent IDs generated by our application, so you may customize them as you see fit!
  • Team IDs must match existing team IDs exactly.
  • Only genders of "Male" or "Female" are acceptable.
  • If a player has more than one position, they must be separated by a PIPE | (NOTE: Only Ice Hockey is supported with the following positions F, G, D)
Good to Know
  • Importing a new file that uses identical Player IDs to existing players will update those existing players with new imported data.
  • Importing players does not delete or erase any existing players
  • The Team ID column is utilized to automatically roster imported players onto a team
  • Importing players directly onto team rosters requires that those teams already exist in your tournament

Step 3: Save File
Step 4: Choose File and Map all of the Fields
Step 5: Import File

Step 6: Watch to see that the import is working properly

Step 7: Confirm all Players are Imported

Next Step: Build Format
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