Registration Settings

By editing a registration settings an admin, can change the title, disable, enable, and archived a registration, select an open and close date, view the transaction rate, view who is paying the processing fee, select bank account, view the merchant account, add a custom label for a continue button, add an email address to be notified when someone registered, and set a custom email for all registrants to be emailed.

Note: You must have Permissions to the Registration Tab in order to Edit Registration Settings

To Edit the Registration Settings:

Step 1: Log In> Select Admin Control Panel> Select the Registration Tab> Select the Name of the Registration
Step 2: Select Edit Registration
Step 3: Edit the Registration Settings
Step 4: Save Registration

Registration Name: Customize the Name of the Registration. We recommend that the Year and the word 'Registration' is included.

  • Disabled  - A Disabled Registration is not live and can not be accessed by normal users. 
  • Enabled  - An Enabled Registration is live and ready for use. A Registration with Open and Close dates could be in an Enabled state but not be live if the date falls outside the Open and Close date range. 
  • Archived  - Archived Registrations are disabled Registrations that are accessible in the Archived tab when viewing the list of Registrations.
Open Date: Automatically schedule a time in the future when this Registration will become live. Effective only when the Registration status is Enabled.

Close Date: Automatically schedule a time in the future when this Registration will close. Effective only when the Registration status is Enabled.

Rate Group: The transaction rate that either the organization or registrant pays for any online transaction. 

Customer Pays Processing Fee: The processing fee is the cost charged per online transaction. The percentage is based on the Order Amount, and the flat dollar amount is based on the number of transactions. For more information, see our help center documentation.

Bank Account: The account that the registration funds will be deposited into three days after the registration has been opened if the organization is using the SportsEngine Merchant Account. If the organization is using their own Merchant Account, the transactions fees will be withdrawn from this bank account listed.

Merchant Account: An organization either has the option to use the SportsEngine Merchant account or the Organization own Merchant/Gateway Account.

Custom Label for 'Continue to Next Form' button: On all Registration Forms a Continue Button will automatically be placed on the bottom of each page. If another word is typed here, the 'Continue' text will be replaced.

Email results to the following email addresses: Every time a registrant registers, this email address will be emailed.

Custom Message to be sent in Email Receipt: Every time a registrant registers they will receive a confirmation email automatically. If an organization would like to include additional text in that email, they can type it out in this area. 

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