Score with Scorekeeper (iPad Application)

Hockey Scorekeeper for iPad is an intuitive, integrated and interactive way to score a hockey game. This app is available for purchase in the App Store. 

Here are a couple items to consider when using the Scorekeeper iPad app.
  • Scorekeeper Live will NOT check for existing plays created and used in other games, it will add any plays that you enter when scoring a game in Scorekeeper.
  • Don't start a game in tabular scoring or SportsEngine Live and then move into Scorekeeper. The stats will not transfer into the Scorekeeper game and any additional scores or stats created in Scorekeeper Live will be added.
  • Make sure the scores are completely synced with your website before disconnecting from the internet. Look for a green checkmark next to the game to indicate it is synced.
Please watch the Video and Reference Below for FAQ's.
  1. Why is the penalty button enabled during warmup but not save or goal buttons?
    Players can get a penalty during warm up if he/she gets into a fight for example. However, since the play periods haven’t started, a goalie cannot have a save that contributes towards SOG, nor can a player have a goal that counts towards the final score.
  2. What are the stats not available in Scorekeeper?
    The following stats are not available in Scorekeeper iPad app: 
    - FaceOff
    - Hit
    - Turnovers
    - Blocked Shots
    - Ice Time
    - Plus/Minus
  3. Why is the save button disabled during a play period?
    The save button will not be enabled unless there is a goalie in net. Tap on “Goalie Change” button to choose a goalie to be in net.
  4. How do I check-in a goalie?
    Tap the “Change Goalie” button on the scoreboard to check in a goalie.
  5. Why does the scoreboard always start in warm up period?
    Most games usually have a warm up before the game begins. The game starts in warm up to give the scorekeeper time to check-in players and assign the goalies in net. If you don’t want the warm up period, simply tap on the “Period” box on the scoreboard and select the period you would like the game to start in like in the screenshot below.
  6. How do I change the lengths of periods, penalties, overtimes etc.?
    On the website, in edit mode, click on tool settings for your season. Under “Game Schedule”, there is a section for “Live Score Settings”. Change the values for the different period lengths, periods, penalty lengths etc. See screenshots below:
  7. Why is there a “goalie change” play always at the beginning of a game?
    In warm up period, after players are checked-in, the algorithm detects which players are eligible goalies and checks-in the first one it finds. You can click on the “Change Goalie” button on the scoreboard to choose a different goalie. A goalie change play action is added
  8. Why are the two tabs for the teams in red at the start of the game?
    The team tabs are red to serve as an indicator to the scorekeeper that no players are currently checked in. After the scorekeeper taps on either tab and checks-in at least one player, the tab returns to it’s default color and provides an indication of the number of players checked-in for the game.
  9. Is there a way for me to extend or reduce the time on the clock if we are running out of time on ice?
    Yes. Once the clock is “stopped”, tap on the clock. You will see a keypad show up. You can change the time on the clock to whatever you would like it to be like in the screenshot below.  
  10. Does +/- work the same in Scorekeeper as it does in SportsEngine Live Scoring?
    No.  This is not handled in scorekeeper.  A user would need to access the “Score Live” button from the game page to input this for goal play actions or edit the tabular data from the "Edit Stats" button.
  11. Can I delete games directly from the app?
    No.  Currently there is no way to delete games directly from the app.  If your games are on the SportsEngine platform, you can delete the games from your website in which case it will not get pulled into the application.
  12. If you're having syncing troubles, please email us your game logs and include any necessary details on your workflow leading up to the issue.  See screenshot for where Email Game Logs is located:
  13. Scorekeepers can now view and share the game sheet of the game they are scoring right from the scoreboard screen of the app. They can also share a link to the game show page so fans can follow the play-by-plays on the website as scorekeepers are live scoring the game.
  14. For solo league games that are created using the "Schedule Import", if scorekeepers want to score these games offline, you will need to discover the games AND tap the score button so we can create the "opponent" team in our system. If you don't do this step, you will get an internet failed error message when you try to score the game offline as we haven't created the opponent in our system yet.
  15. Deleting unwanted plays has just become easier. On the "Plays" tab, tap on the "Select" button from the top right hand menu like in the screenshot below. Then choose the plays you wish to delete and tap on the "Delete" Button from the top right hand â€‹menu. 
  16. Emailing game logs has become even easier. Scorekeepers can tap on "Email game logs" by tapping on the user settings icon like in the screenshot below. Please be sure to include as much information as you can if you are sending us game logs about the syncing issues you are experiencing. Without the additional information, it will not be possible for investigate issues. 
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