What are Page Elements and How do I add them to a Page?

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016 11:11AM CDT
Page Elements are the building blocks that you use to build your website. Examples of Page Elements are Text Block, Links, Maps, Photos, and News Aggregators. 

To add a Page Element to your site, do the following:
  1. Login to your website and switch to Edit Mode. 
  2. On your site, click the Add Page Element button. 
  3. Select one from the list of available Page Elements. 
Page Elements (Click below to learn more about each element)
  1. Text Block Element: A text box is used to add text to anywhere on a SportsEngine Website.
  2. Single Photo Page Element: Use this function to add a Photo to a SportsEngine Site.
  3. Document ElementA Document page element allows you to easily add a file anywhere on your website. Users of the website can then easily download this file in its exact original format. 
  4. Link ElementA link can be created on any SportsEngine Page to link to any outside web page or a web page within a SportsEngine Site.
  5. Contact ElementA contact page element looks like a Digital Business Card using a clean format to add in Contact Information.
  6. Tab ElementA Tab Element creates multiple tabs that can be selected, where customized information can be displayed in each Tab.
  7. Sponsor ElementA Sponsor  element allows you to display a sponsor's logo, website, or contact information.
  8. Photo Gallery ElementCreate a Photo Gallery and upload a collection of photos that will display in a slide show format.
  9. News Aggregator ElementA News Aggregator Page Element allows you to show a selection of news pertaining to a particular portion of your web site (i.e. a team, association, league, etc.). A News Aggregator Page Element can be placed on any page and must have at least one tag selected.
  10. Event Aggregator ElementA Event Aggregator Page Element allows you to show a selection of events pertaining to a particular portion of your web site (i.e. a team, association, league, etc.). A Event Aggregator Page Element can be placed on any page and must have at least one tag selected.
  11. Video Page ElementTo add a video on a SportsEngine Website. 
  12. Audio ElementTo add a audio on a SportsEngine Website. 
  13. Page Divider ElementTo add a Line Break on a SportsEngine Page to give a page a clean look.
  14. Table Builder ElementTo add a Table on a SportsEngine Website. 
  15. Code ElementThis element can be used to add your own Custom HTML Code. SportsEngine does not provide Custom HTML Code or assist in troubleshooting issues with Custom Code.
  16. Site Map Page ElementUse the Site Map to build dynamic links that mimic the hierarchy of your website.
  17. News Slideshow ElementHighlight important articles and content on your site's homepage with the News Slideshow Page Element.  This page element works with all new and existing News Articles. Choose which News Articles you'd like to highlight using the familiar Tag Menu interface.  A News Slideshow Page Element can be placed on any page and must have at least one tag selected.
  18. Venue ElementWith the Venue Element a display of if a Venue is Open, Closed, or Pending can be placed anywhere on a SportsEngine Website.
  19. Comment Stream ElementThe Comment Stream page element provides a place for users to add and reply to comments.  This functionality can be added to a page or news article within your website.  This element can be added anywhere on your website where you see the 'Add Page Element' option.  Users can choose to either add a new comment or reply to an existing comment.
  20. Comment Aggregator ElementThe Comment Aggregator will display comments from a Comment Stream across the whole SportsEngine website, in once central spot.
  21. Feed Reader ElementAdding an RSS or Twitter Feed will pull information for a different website or a twitter account to the SportsEngine site. RSS feeds contain headlines and hyperlinks to longer articles, event information or web pages. RSS feeds are free of charge.
  22. Countdown Timer ElementA countdown timer will let you insert a time, then the tool will countdown from now until that time.
  23. Facebook ElementAdding a Facebook Element will give a website visitor the ability to 'Like' the SportsEngine website, which will then feed in to the visitors Facebook Newsfeed.
  24. Flash File ElementThis function lets you add (SWF) files that can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function.
  25. Membership Report Elementa report of members on the SportsEngine site can be placed on any page.
  26. Survey Report ElementPurpose: A "Survey Report" Page Element allows you to display select data from any of your online registration sessions on any page of your website. Utilize powerful reporting selectors and filters to define the specific data you would like to display, then arrange column and sorting order within a simple drag-and-drop interface. 
  27. Registration Link ElementUsing this feature will add a Registration Button to any SportsEngine page, so registrants can register.
  28. Registration Lookup ElementSelect a set of registration questions from a given registration to verify a user's identity in order to display their completed registration information.
  29. Power Poll ElementThe Poll Element allows a question to be created on any SportsEngine page where people can vote on the answer to the question.
  30. MailChimp List Subscription Form: Adds a form for site visitors to subscribe to a MailChimp mailing list from your page. 
  31. Team Buttons ElementUsing the Team Buttons Elements you can link on any SportsEngine Pages to specific teams within a league using buttons. 
  32. Power Rankings: Displays team rankings. 
  33. SportsEngine Mirrors Element
  34. Widget Page Element: a widget pulls information from another source in to a Widget to be placed anywhere on a SportsEngine Site. Click Here to learn more about creating widgets.
  35. US Map ElementA link can be placed in any state, so that the state is highlighted and when the state is clicked on the viewer will be directed towards the link.
  36. Weather ElementThis element will display the weather with a 5-day forecast option.
  37. Dibs Aggregator ElementThis feature can post Dibs Items on any SportsEngine Webpage to be claimed by members.
  38. Map ElementThe page element allows you to post a map from
  39. AES: Display Advanced Events Systems volleyball team rank, team schedule, club rank, or club schedule.
  40. Streaming Video: Adds streaming videos. 
  41. Markdown Element: Add content that is compiled into HTML based on the Markdown spec.
  42. Map Element: Adds interactive map built using MapBox.
  43. Team Stats Element: Displays a team stats table for a tournament, division, stage or pool.
  44. Player Stats Element: Displays a player stats table for a tournament, division, stage, or pool.
  45. Game Highlight Element: Displays highlighted game for tournament. 
  46. Game List Element: Displays details from multiple games on one page. 
  47. Player Stat Leader Element: Displays the highest ranked players for a single stat from a tournament, division or pool.
  48. Scoreboard Ribbon Element: Displays scoreboard ribbon ticker.
  49. Standings Element: Displays standings for a division or pool.
  50. Social Media Links Element: Adds square icon links to all major social media platforms.
  51. Call to Action Element: Adds prominent graphic links perfect for calling out important information. 
  52. Media Slider Element: Adds interactive slides displaying images and text in a highlight reel. 
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