Single Seeded Elimination Bracket in League

This article will show you how to create a Subseason to include a Seeded Elimination Bracket.

Note: This is a feature included in League Sites, but does not tied to the SportsEngine Tournament Tool.

*Before you begin creating your brackets you will need to know the following:

  1. How many teams will be included in the bracket?
  2. There must be a Team Page created below the League Level for all teams included.
  3. Ranking (Seeded) List

To create a Season with a Single Elimination Bracket:
Step 1:
Log In> Select Edit Mode
Step 2: Select League> Admin> Select Season
Step 3: Create a Season

Step 4: Select Seeded Single Elimination Bracket
Step 5: Since the regular season is still your current subseason, you will need to toggle from the regular season to the newly added tournament subseason (example, Playoff)
Step  6: If your League has divisions, you will need to re-create the division pages next.  If you do not have division pages, skip to Step 12.
Step 7: In the left panel below your League Page, click Add New Page
Step 8: 
Choose Division Page from the page type menu
Step 9: 
Choose the existing division page names from the drop down menu and make the pages public
Step 10: 
Click on the Division Page that you would like to make a Bracket for (example, East Division).  If you do not have a Division Page, you would make sure you are on the League Page
Step 11: 
Click on the Brackets button> Click Create Bracket
Step 12: 
Enter the number of teams to participate in the tournament and click Continue
Step 13: 
Select and place teams in their seeded positions by clicking Add next to each team.  Games, brackets, and team pages will be created for you automatically.

This will add the team to the right column under Seeded Teams.  

You can add them starting with Seed 1 first through the last seed or you can add the teams in any order and then drop and drag them in the correct order once all teams have been added

Once all teams have been added to the right column under Seeded Teams, you will get a green Ready message

Step 14: Select Continue

  • Your bracket has now been created.
  • Games will remain 'unscheduled'.  You will need to click on a game within the bracket and then click 'Edit Game Details' to schedule the game date/time/location.
  • If you would like to change the 'Round' labels (Round 1, Round 2 etc), simply click Edit Labels in the upper right corner.

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