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iScore for Baseball is a third party application designed to live score baseball games using a mobile device. (smartphone or tablet) The app was not created by SportsEngine but is integrated with SportsEngine's league management functionality and can import/export games, teams, players and statistics between the iScore app and the SportsEngine system allowing you to capture the statistics in real-time.

Caution: Not following the best practices below can result in errors not allowing you to export the games.

Because of the third party integration these are the best practices to ensure your success when live scoring baseball games: 
  • Do not add games, teams or players using the iScore app. Use your SportsEngine website or SportsEngine team mobile app to add games, teams and players. (When you discover and import the games in the iScore app it will also discover teams and the players on the team’s rosters)
  • If you need to add a player, add him on your SportsEngine team page roster or the SportsEngine team mobile app and re-discover the team in the iScore app. You can modify information for already existing players in iScore and it won't cause errors, but it will not translate those changes back to the site. (and vice versa if updates are made on SportsEngine website, will not update in iScore until the game is re-discovered) Only stats will update. 
    Example: You create a new player on your SportsEngine team page roster named Johnny Smith. You then discover and import the game. Then you drive to the game a find out that the player’s name is actually Jimmy Smith. You can change the players on the roster and/or lineup using iScore and score the game, export the game. The stats will show up on your SportsEngine team page for Johnny Smith, so you also need to make the name change on your SportsEngine website or using the SportsEngine team mobile app. Be sure to change the name of the existing player Johnny Smith to Jimmy Smith - do not delete Johnny Smith and add Jimmy Smith as a new player - you will lose the stats captured during the game.
  • If you anticipate needing to add players on iScore after you no longer have internet access, create two or three “substitute players” on your SportsEngine team page roster.  After you find out the names for these “substitute players”, you will need to update their name in the iScore roster/lineup and on the SportsEngine team page roster profile - but the stats for this player will be captured. 
See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

How to use the iScore App
    •    iScore user manual:
    •    iScore tutorial/training:
    •    iScore FAQ:
iScore’s guide to using with SportsEngine:

Setup and SportsEngine Game Import


Download the iScore for Baseball app on to your mobile device. Apple or Android.
For tutorials on how to use iScore to score your games visit iScore.


Ensure you are connected to the internet and start the iScore for Baseball application. Select Game Manager.



Select Discover Game to find games from your SportsEngine site.



Select SportsEngine to pull games from SportsEngine into the iScore application. 


If you do not see any options on the Find Game screen please double check your internet connection.
Required to import games into the application. 


Login with your SportsEngine account username and password. Internet connection required. 


Grant iScore permission to access your SportsEngine game information by selecting Approve.


Select the name of your site that you wish to pull games from. 


Tap the game you wish to import to view details. 


Once details appear select Import from top right to import the game into the iScore application. 


Select Yes when "confirm import" prompt appears. 


Select OK and then Back to return to the game manager screen. 


After this step an internet connection is not required to score the game. But if you wish to have a game cast appear in real time on your SportsEngine game page an internet connection is required. Internet will be required again when game is complete and you want to export data back to SportsEngine


On the game manager screen select the game you wish to score. 


You may now score the game. No internet connection required at this point. 


For tutorials and support on how to use iScore to score your baseball game please consult iScore.
To sync completed game data back to SportsEngine please click here.

iScore for Baseball - iScorecast

With any game scored using the iScore for baseball application you have the opportunity to have your information stream a live game cast to the corresponding game page on your SportsEngine site.


From within the iScore for Baseball app simply click on the "Email iScoreCast link" from either the GAME INFO page or the scoring interface page.


When prompted enter as the email. 

You will then see a graphical game feed on the related game page on the SportsEngine site for people to follow along while you enter your scoring data. 

iScore for Baseball (Sync Completed Game Data)


Once game is scored and complete tap the Back button (top left) until you reach the main menu and select Options.


Select Export to send completed game data to SportsEngine to sync. Please note this step requires an internet connection. 


Select OK to sync your game data. 


If sync is successful you will receive a Successful prompt. If you receive an "Unsuccessful" warning please double-check your internet connection. 

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