Set Game Limits for a Tournament

The Game Limits area in Tourney is where scheduling limitations are set. These limitations include how many games each team plays in a day, how much downtime between games per team, how much downtime between days per team, the amount of time each game will take, the time between games played, etc. Setting the game limits when initially creating a tournament will help avoid scheduling conflicts among teams.

Note: Game limits can be changed on a division by division basis in the division settings.

Step 1: Log into the Tournament Tool and select the tournament. 
Step 2: Under Settings, click the Game Limits tab. 
Step 3: Set the limits for each parameter:
  • Daily Game Limit for Teams: The maximum number of games that teams can play in one day.
    • (ex. If this is set to 2 the conflict checker will produce a conflict if a team is scheduled for more than 2 games in one day)
  • Downtime Between Games for Teams: How much time do teams need between game start times?
    • (ex. If this is set to 3hrs the conflict checker will produce a conflict if one team's game is scheduled within 3hrs of each other.)
  • Downtime Between Game Days: How much time do teams need between games played on consecutive days?
    • (ex. If this is set to 14hrs the conflict checker will produce a conflict if one team's game is scheduled within 14 hours of the last game, the day before. If a team's game was scheduled at 8pm Friday, the next game couldn't be scheduled until 10am on Saturday.)
  • Allotted Time for Scheduling: Applies to new and unplayed games. Does not include the time between games.
    • (ex. The amount of time the game actually takes, not the clock time. If you anticipate a 3 period hockey game with 15 minute periods, each period may actually take 30 minutes, totaling 90 minutes. Then you will want to add on in between period time, which could be another 30 minutes. In this case, the Allotted Time for Scheduling would be 120 minutes.)
  • Game Buffer Time: For scheduling games. Adds time to the game slot to allow for flexibility.
    • (ex. The time in between games played to resurface the ice or to allow teams to change locations.)
Step 4: Click Apply Settings.

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