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The plus minus stat for a player is another way to measure their impact. Plus/minus refers to the combined point differential for a certain player when that player is on the floor. For example, if player X comes into the game when his team is up 35-30 and leaves the game with the team up 45-35, he would have a plus/minus of plus 5. Plus/minus is an easy way for basketball statisticians to see which players are having the biggest impact on the game without necessarily having to score or rebound.

We separate it into "ON" - the difference when the player is on the court, "OFF" the difference when the player is off the court, and "NET" the difference between "ON" and "OFF" numbers.


Normal operation of the app does not require either 3G or WiFi access. The network connection is used for email (send the results to others) and for certain types of backup/export features. Data collection during a game and viewing the results on the device does not require any network access.


Version 1.5.0 change

Charge taken (drawing a foul) is done using the following steps. Select the team or player for the player awarded the foul, select the foul button to record the foul, edit the foul type to be "charging" (if desired), touch the target indicator on the right side of the last event you just added. A list of the possible players to have taken the charge will be presented. Select the appropriate player and a new entry is added following the foul for the player that drew (won) the foul.

For more information see the details on this site at:


Deleting a player, team, game, etc - Swipe horizontally across any item in a list and the delete button will appear. This works for players, teams, etc and also works for the last event entry at the bottom of the collect data page.
NOTE:  Starting with iOS7, you must swipe right to left to delete.


When adding an event (shot, foul, assist, etc) you can make mistakes. If you know immediately you made a mistake the quickest way is to delete and re-add the event (swipe to delete over the event at the bottom of the screen) If other events happened then navigate from the Collect Data page go to the event log (using the menu in the upper right). Once there locate the event you want to change and touch it. This will present edit options. Be sure to save after the edit.

If you are looking for an event that happened a while ago you can filter the list. Reduce the events to just the team you want with the buttons along the bottom. Then jump to the search field at the top (scroll up, or touch the magnifying glass icon in upper right, or touch the Time along the top of the screen to jump to the top). It will default to "Event" category. type in "FG" or "foul" to search by event and it will reduce the list to just the type you are interested in. Press the blue search button at the bottom of the screen to go to edit mode. Now touch the one you want to change and edit as before. You can change who the event went to or the value of the event. If you want to remove it completely then use a horizontal swipe to delete it. You may need to hit "Cancel" on the search UI to see the back button when done. You can also add events with the event log. Select the event log, then then "Edit" button in the upper right corner. Touch the green plus button next to the event you want to insert before. You will get a list of options for what event to add. You can also move events by dragging from right side handle when in edit mode but only within the same period.


Email can fail to send a report due to the size (we have seen this on some sytems with the Season Detail per Player report) some email providers won’t allow it due to the size.

Connect the ipad/iphone to your computer.

1) Open iTunes (don’t sync unless you normally do so- it’s NOT required for this to work)
2) Go to the View menu and do "Show Sidebar"
2) Select your ipad in the list on the left (the sidebar)
4) Across the top of the window that appears is "summary info apps music etc"
5) Select apps
6) Scroll to the bottom of the page
7) There is a section labelled "File Sharing"
8) Select iScout Basketball

A list of files appears on the right

9) The last report.pdf and the last chart.pdf you printed will appear there Note1: if you redo the reports while the ipad is connected you will see them update in this window. Note2: you only get a report.pdf for the season detail/player as the charts are embedded

10) You can drag them to your desktop

Now you can move them or print them. We hope to rectify this issue in a future release.


How to end a game is a question we get from time to time. Put simply you don't need to end a game. You just stop entering data and it assumes the game is done. You can zero out the clock if you want for a reminder to yourself but it's not necessary. The only number that would change if make the game ended or not is the case where you want to see playing time before the game ends. Version 1.8.8 will allow you to see playing time currently accrued for a game in progress if you are tracking time. Other than that you don't need to mark a game in any way as being done.

This may change as we add some other features which want to know explicitly that the game is still in progress, but that change would be specific to those features.


Crediting a player for forcing a turnover can be done using the following steps. Select the team or player for the player awarded that caused the turnover, select the turnover button to record the turnover, touch the target indicator on the right side of the last event you just added. A list of the possible players to have forced the turnover will be presented. Select the appropriate player and a new entry is added following the turnover for the player that forced the turnover.


Crediting a player for forcing a foul can be done using the following steps. Select the team or player for the player awarded that caused the foul, select the foul button to record the foul, touch the target indicator on the right side of the last event you just added. A list of the possible players to have drawn the foul will be presented. Select the appropriate player and a new entry is added following the foul for the player that drew (won) the foul.


Add the foul to the player or team (select player then select foul). The foul will be listed at the bottom of the screen (the last event recorded). Now touch the listing of the foul at the bottom of the screen in the center. A list will appear to allow you to specify the type of foul. Select "Technical".


The freethrow assistant when enabled will provide a way to see what has happened with regard to recent freethrow. Often during a freethrow series there are lineup changes between the freethrow attempts or timeout events during freethrows which can create a situation where you want to review what has been entered for the freethrows. The freethrow button will show the recent freethrows and indicate whether made or missed. Selecting the button will allow you to see the last few events involving freethrows in a separate UI to allow you to correct the made/miss status of the shots. The button also provides the option to add another freethrow for the same player as the previous attempt.


Whether a player participated in a game is controlled by the game roster. Every game can have a different roster based on the team players by making them active or inactive for a particular game. You can set this is a couple places like the game options - Roster section or selecting from the subs screen the icon showing two players at the bottom of the screen.

There are further adjustments you can make to override this in the report options. From the Reports tab select the Options button in the upper right corner. For season reports you can override the use of the acrive roster for determining games played.


Some of the buttons in the UI will become gray under various conditions if the related Event Assistant feature is turned on. When the button is gray it is still active. The color is just a guide telling you that the event is likely not the gray colored event. You can ignore this and select that event in spite of the color change (if for example you are adding events out of order).

This gray state is possible for offensive rebound, defensive rebound, assist, and block event buttons.


Typically Leagues are used to separate grade levels or calendar year - like someone has an 8th grade league for 2012 and a HS league for 2011 and one for 2012 they are or were tracking. So they would have leagues comprising the teams that will play each other during the season. So likely a 82011, HS2011, HS2012 for example.

Leagues are not used in reporting. They are simply an organizational too to help you find the right teams. So if you had an 8th grade Lions team and a 12 grade Lions team the same year then you would know which one you were selecting easily by having different leagues for them which results in different lists of teams.

The season is used for season based reports. The season should be the time span over which you want to track season data. So for example a 8FAL12 might be an 8th grade fall league for 2012. If there are tournaments during the season then just mark them as tournaments in the game options but keep them in the same season to get them on your season reports (and you can filter out tournaments if you want in some cases).

You can change seasons for played games - so for example if you want season reports for your old data you edit the game by picking the blue arrow on the list of games for the season you want to move OUT of. Then pick the season on the next page for the game options to be the correct one, then save and go to the next case.

You can also change the leagues. I can move each team to a different common league as long as there are no duplicate team names.


Move to a new Device

The database which has all of your records can be exported for moving to another device. Exporting data DOES NOT AFFECT your data in your app - it remains intact (Importing does overwrite your data - see step 6).

To export your data from the old device:

1) Go to the "More..." tab

2) Select "Export/Import..."

3) Select "Export"

4) Select "Export via Email"

5) Use the email address readable on the device you are moving the data to

6) To import your database onto the new device, open the email containing the data and touch the button in the email labeled "Open in iScoutBasketball".

**** WARNING - this COMPLETELY erases and overwrite any basketball data currently on the new device when you do an import ****

NOTE: we also advise completely quitting the app and re-starting it after an import.


New Season

When starting a new season do NOT use the same team. For example if you have records from last year's games in Boys09 then create a new season Boys10. The same is true for leagues - add a new league HS10 to replace HS09. If your old season and league are using the label you want for the new season then change the label on the old season or league before creating the new ones.

You can import the old team roster to the new team (starting with version 1.8.5). After import delete the players no longer on the roster and proceed to add any new players. This only COPIES the player information so you do not have to re-enter it - it does NOT link to the old season.

We presently do not have an career stats features but when we can add these we will assume that you have unique seasons/leagues/teams that need to be tied together.


There are two ways to add overtime.

1) Touch the time displayed in the collect data screen. This will launch the "Time Event" UI which will have an "Add Overtime" button at the bottom of the page. 2) In the sub players for timed subs games touch the time under the "New" label. This will launch the "Time Event" UI which will have an "Add Overtime" button at the bottom of the page.


You can record playing time for one or both teams. In the "Game Info" page set the "Track Sub Time" to ON for the team(s) you wish to track. This will restrict the available players to 5 at a time and put a small clock indicator on the control at the top of the collect data page for changing the lineup (the brown icon with 3 players on it). When you enter the screen to change the lineup you can set the current game time and period (touch the digital NEW time to be able to change the period).

You do NOT need to have the game timer running (in the collect data page) to track playing time. You only need to set the correct period and time when changing the lineup as noted above. The clock in the substitution page will default to the current timer setting however which you may find useful.


A "putback" is a rebound/shot combination by the same player. To activate event assist support for this action, go to the "More" tab and select "Event Assistant". On that screen the first listed feature is "Putback Fieldgoal". Turn this option "ON".

The way this works is that if the app detects a shot by the same team as the previously missed shot with no rebound between it will present the UI to insert a rebound for the second shot by the same player. So the sequence of events would be shot missed, shot made/missed - tap the offensive rebound button which has the player showing. The app will insert a rebound before the current shot.

So 3 taps (select player, touch court for shot, touch rebound button) are needed for a putback.

Version 1.5.0 changes

The way this works is that if you add an offensive rebound with the feature enabled it will present a floating button over the basket area of the court with the same player as the rebound and the shot indicator as prompts. Touching this area will add a shot for the indicated player. After selection you can move the shot to any location on the court and edit the made/miss status as will other shots.

So 3 taps (select player, touch court for offensive rebound, touch floating player + shot button) are needed for a putback.


When using the collect data screen, select a player or team icon. An "i" in a circle will appear at the lower left section of the screen. Touch the "i" for information which will give you the stats on the selected player or team.


You can fully quit the app by tapping the iPhone Home button. If you're running iOS 4 and your phone is an iPhone 4 or 3GS, after you tap the Home button, you also need to remove the app from the list of recently used apps. If you're not familiar with the concept of removing an app from the list of recently used apps, here's a web page from Apple that explains the process:


To capture a screen image (often used for diagnostics, bug reporting, or explaining a question) do the following:

To take a screenshot, simultaneously press the home and sleep/wake buttons. Do not hold them. The screen will flash, you will hear the camera sound, and your iPhone's display will be captured and placed in the Camera Roll.

For information about devices (ipods) without cameras go to this link on Appple's web site:


You can turn on/off the shot balloon prompt that appears when you add a shot allowing you to change shot to made or missed. Turning off the prompt will just default it to not show, however if you touch the shot marker a second time it will appear.

The "More.." tab "Settings" option has a "Shot prompt" control for this option.


A player getting their shot blocked is done using the following steps. Select the team or player for the player awarded that blocked the shot, select the block button to record the block, touch the target indicator on the right side of the last event you just added. A list of the possible players to have been blocked will be presented. Select the appropriate player and a new entry is added following the block for the player that was blocked.

NOTE: we are working on automating this a bit since the likely player involved will be the last missed shot. Stay tuned...


How to substitute players for "Timed Subs" option in game turned on for a team.

Select the brown icon at the top of the screen with the 3 players and the clock to start the sub process.

You will get a screen like the first image below.

If you pick which player to remove from right (LINEUP) column it moves to left (OUT) column and selections from the middle BENCH column move to vacant spots in the LINEUP column.

If you now select "Save" you will likely get the error in the second picture above. You need to change the time to be less time remaining than the previous sub time (shown as "Previous" time in upper left). Alternately you can also chose to replace that previous sub if you made a mistake there which by selecting the "Replace" option then touching "Save".

If you are doing a new sub then adjust the time as shown in the third image and press save to add the new sub event.


Timeout UI is off by default. To turn on the UI go to the "More..." tab, select "Settings" and set the "Timeout" Show interface control to ON. The UI will now appear in the game "Collect Data" page.


2ND | Second Chance Points
(Second Chance Points) = Points made directly following offensive rebounds

BNCH | Points off Bench
(Points off Bench) = Points made by players not in the starting lineup

P-TO | Points off Turnovers
(Points off Turnovers) = Points made directly following turnover

POS | Possessions
(Possessions) = (Possessions) = Field Goal Attempts-Rebounds Offense+Turnover+0.475*Free Throw Attempts

RBD% | Rebounds Defense %
(Rebounds Defense %) = ((Rebounds Defense)/(Rebounds Defense+Opponent Rebounds Offense))*100

RBO% | Rebounds Offense %
(Rebounds Offense %) = ((Rebounds Offense)/(Rebounds Offense+Opponent Rebounds Defense))*100

RBT% | Rebounds Total %
(Rebounds Total %) = ((Rebounds Total)/(Rebounds Total+Opponent Rebounds Total))*100

STOP | Defensive Stops
(Defensive Stops) = (Rebounds Defense) + (Opponent Turnover)

TENDEX | default
(TENDEX) = (Points + Rebounds Total + Assist + Steal + Blocks) - (Turnover + 2 Point Miss + 3 Point Miss + Free Throw Miss)

TENDEX Europe | default
(TENDEX Europe) = (Points + Rebounds Total + Assist + Steal + Blocks + Drawn Foul) - (Turnover + 2 Point Miss + 3 Point Miss + Shot Was Blocked + Foul)

TENDEX Modified | default
(TENDEX Modified) = (Points + Rebounds Total + (1.25*Assist) + (1.25*Steal) +Blocks) - ((1.25*Turnover) + 2 Point Miss + 3 Point Miss + (Free Throw Miss/2) + (Foul/2))

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