Enable, Disable, and Archive a Registration Session

Now that your registration is built with the proper questions and pricing, you'll want to post your link on your SportsEngine website. Before you do this, follow the instructions below to learn how to enable your registration. This article will also teach you how to disable a registration once registration has closed and archive last season or years sessions.

  • Please ensure no further edits or changes are necessary prior to enabling your session.  Once a session is live and registrants have gone through, we are very limited to any changes that can be made.
  • To enable your session you will need permissions to that registration. 
Key Terms:
  • Enabled: An Enabled Registration is live and ready for use. A Registration with Open and Close dates could be in an Enabled state but not be live if the date falls outside the Open and Close date range.
  • Reviewable: When a Registration is created by SportsEngine it can be switched into a Reviewable state to allow non SportsEngine users to review the Registration.
  • Under Construction: As a Registration is being created by SportsEngine, it is under construction and non SportsEngine users can not access the registration.
  • Disabled: A Disabled Registration is not live and can not be accessed by normal users.
  • Archived: Archived Registrations are disabled Registrations that are accessible in the Archived tab when viewing the list of Registrations.
Enabling a Registration:

Step 1:
Log In> Select the Admin Control Panel> Select the Registration Tab> Navigate to the correct Registration in the Under Construction/Review Tab> Select 'Go to Registration Site'
Step 2: Select "Enable Session" from the Welcome page of the registration session. 
Step 3: Click "Enable Session."
  • Please confirm all information is correct in the new window. As noted; if any information is not accurate or if you have any questions, please contact the SportsEngine Registration Team immediately. Do not enable the session if items are incorrect.
Step 4: If everything is correct in the window please scroll to the bottom and check the "electronic signature" box and then click on "Enable Registration." Your registration session is now live and ready for your members to use!

You will be emailed a confirmation email to your SportsEngine account once your registration is enabled.

Change status to Disabled, Archived, or Enabled (if session was previously enabled):

Log In> Select the Admin Control Panel> Select the Registration Tab> Navigate to the correct Registration> Select 'Edit Registration.

List a Program Publicly on

After you enable a registration, you may see a window popup offering to list your registration as a program on's program directory. This will advertise your program in a searchable directory of sports programs, so athletes in your area can find your program. It is completely free to list your program; here's how to do it:

Step 1: Complete any empty fields in the popup window. Most fields should auto-populate with information from your registration.

Step 2: Click Publish Program Listing.

Listing your registration as a program is completely optional; just click No Thanks to skip this. Either way, your registration will still be enabled.

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