Guide to adjusting Monetary Registration

Admins with registration permissions or higher have the ability to update text, add inventory to an item that already has inventory, and the ability to enable/disable options.

If you would like additional access to Create Monetary Registration or adjust questions, please contact your account owner to gain 'Super Registration Access'. If you already have Super Registration Access, CLICK HERE for help.

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for the on-demand video.

Step 1: Log In> Admin Control Panel> Select the Registration Tab> Navigate to the Welcome Page of the registration. 
Step 2: Select on Review Mode and then navigate to the form in the left column that contains the questions/text you wish to update.
  1. Update Text: Select the Edit Button on the Top Right of the Text Box (Note: You are unable to add in a new text box with in the registration pages.)
  2. Enable/Disable Options: Navigate to the Question that needs revisions
    • You are able to disable or enable "options" for Radio and Checkbox style questions only.
    • Disabling all options for a required question will not hide the question for your registrants. To have a question hidden/accessible to Admins only, please contact our Support Team.
    • The disable/enable button is located below the selection option
    • When 'disable option' is shown this means the option is currently enabled and if 'enable option' is shown the option is currently disabled.
  3. Edit Inventory: Navigate to a question that holds Inventory Items> Change the Inventory> Select 'Update Quantity'
    • An inventory item must be added by a SportsEngine Registration or Support Member. Contact Support Team to add this functionality.
    • Store item quantities are editable for Radio and Checkbox style questions only.
    • If you mark a registrant as inactive in a registrant's entry, the inventory item will be added back to the option.

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